As you know that autumn or fall is once again near upon you guys, it is perfect for you to take a look at how to wear a pea coat with the suit a little bit more detail. You just have to follow these steps and you will find yourself wearing the perfect coat with a suit. These are the four steps that you have to do to wear a pea coat with a suit.

Step one: Layering

Pea Coat

A pea coat with a suit is an outer layer so you have to treat it as well as possible. One of the most important elements that should ever feature over a pea coat with the suit is accessories. You can try to wear any extras such as scarves. That can be located beneath the jacket to maintain the clean line.

Step two: Length

Your coat with the suit has to hit at the bottom of your hips and caress your rear ideally. The only real exception to this is the naval jacket that should end slightly lower. If your coat with the suit is too long for you, you will be lost the figure-defining shape of the pea coat with the suit, and if your pea coat with the suit is too short you will look like you have gained forty pounds over night.

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Step three: Buttoning

Pea Coats

There are two crucial things when it comes to a pea coat with a suit and buttons. First of all, you need to keep the jacket sealed in case you want that iconic look and you have to remember that these jackets were worn on the high seas, not the high street because they are designed to be buttoned. The second thing is the buttons are the important key to a great shape. The rows have to be spaced evenly down the length of the trunk and torso. It creates the classic cinching effect which looks so perfect on thinner men.While larger and rotund men will have an issue creating this corseted look so you have to avoid the coat with suit altogether. There is a couple of three-quarter length jacket which will suit you much better.

Step four: Sizing

You have to consider that wearing an incorrectly sized pea coat with a suit will make you look ten times larger than you are. You have to always try on the jacket in the store.