How to put on makeup if you wear glasses? Don’t miss out on these makeup tricks to take advantage of your face and make sure your glasses feel great. You won’t want to take them off!
How to make glasses flatter you? In addition to choosing the model according to your face shape and the colour that best suits you according to your hair and skin tone, makeup can also enhance your attractiveness. During the day, to go to work, study or go for a walk and even to go out at night, do not give up wearing stylish glasses!

Tips for putting on makeup if you wear glasses

  • The glasses highlight the eyebrows, which are the frame of the eyes, and that is why you must always keep them well shaved.
  • The glasses highlight your look. Brighten and remove signs of fatigue with a clear, illuminating concealer.
  • The makeup will not be recharged. You can divert attention by painting your most striking lips, for example, with a cherry red or fuchsia pink gloss.
  • To prevent the glasses from getting impregnated with shadow powders, choose textures in cream or mousse.
    The colours. If the frame of your glasses is coloured, choose the same one for your shades of the frame colour or that match it. If the glasses do not have frames then you can put on makeup as if you did not have glasses by choosing the colour of the eyeshadow that best suits you, for example, according to the colour of the top garment you are wearing (shirt, jacket, scarf or dress).Makeup tips if you wear glasses
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Correcting eye makeup for vision problems

Depending on your vision problem, glasses will make your eyes appear larger or smaller and makeup should counteract the effect.

Makeup for myopia

  • Glasses effect. Your eyes seem smaller.
  • Strategic makeup. To enlarge the eyes, use light and intense shadows with glitter. Outline the contour of the eye, sticking to the upper and lower lashes, and slightly lengthen the line at the end with a black or brown pencil. Colour the inside of the eye line with a white eye pencil. It is about marking the look without obscuring it. Comb, curl and apply mascara, separating them well and removing clumps.

Makeup for hyperopia

  • Glasses effect. Your eyes seem bigger.
  • Strategic makeup. To make the eyes a little smaller, choose matte shadows (without a shine) in neutral and soft colours such as nude or pastel tones. Outline the upper lashes with a pencil the same shade as the shadow or iris of your eye. Avoid applying a lot of mascara, better choose to apply a transparent one.

eye makeup if you wear glasses