Long boots. The colder days have not even arrived yet. But we can see milder temperatures, and these days all we want to do is protect ourselves from head to toe. For this, we currently have warmer jackets and also women’s boots to complement the look and leave you full of charm and style at any time.

There are several models of boots in the fashion world, but today we are going to talk about a model that won over fashionistas on duty: the long boots. To help you, we will teach you how to wear long boots. How this model can make a difference in your winter looks, check it out!

Learn how to use the long boot!

This female boot model many people confuse with the over-the-knee boot or the riding boot, but it is not always the same. To be characterized as a long boot, it is enough that the model is two fingers below the knee. Now that you have identified the model of your boot, we will show you the possibilities of looks, check it out!

On casual occasions

The pants legging type combined with high boots with or without high is a good option to use in daily life. To lengthen your silhouette, you can combine the same tone of the boot with that of the pants. For this same type of look, you can replace legging pants with skinny pants, more adjusted to the body.

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You can also balance the look by investing in a wider shirt so that the look is stripped and interesting at the same time.

Long boots bring more modernity and sensuality to the look. So it is better to be used with shorter pieces such as dresses, skirts, and shorts. For more casual day-to-day events, be careful with the compositions so there are no mistakes in the look.

At night events

For ballads, sophisticated events, and various parties. It is also a good option and you are still warm and modern with just one detail of these shoes. As we said before, to use this type of boot you can use it with shorter pieces and for these night events, it would be no different.

A sure look option is to combine a black skirt, with black pantyhose and black high boots. If you think your look is too monochromatic, invest in colorful top pieces or prints. Or even colorful and with prints, just that they are colors of the same tone.

For a more sophisticated event. But at night you can invest in a leather boot model that will bring elegance and sophistication to the look, especially if the model is a pointed toe. In this look, it is worth investing in accessories to complete the look and make it more stylish and women’s bags make a total difference in this production.

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