How to Wear Leggings. Pieces that combine beauty, practicality, and versatility are the darlings of many fashionistas. After all, who does not want to purchase an item that will generate several possibilities of look, right? Thinking about it, we will help you to end the doubt about how to wear leggings!

Surprise yourself with the power that the piece has to transform and compose productions of the most varied styles!

Why have leggings?

One of the strengths of this type of pants is that it has unparalleled versatility. It can be part of your workout look, your composition for everyday life, and even for a ballad! Everything will depend on how to choose the other pieces for the combination.

In addition to moving easily through many styles - urban, romantic, fitness, etc. - it is also a comfortable item. In other words, it allows free movements, without worrying about the wind - as when we use skirts and dresses - or with the drape and thickness of the fabric.

How to wear leggings on different occasions?

To know how to wear leggings, it is important to keep in mind that the best of fashion is the freedom it provides. So, understand trends and good practices, but apply them according to your personality and personal tastes.

Gym Outfit

To create a perfect look for your workout, nothing better than the combo of comfort + style + a wildcard touch. Comfort to feel good during activities, style because it is welcome at any time, and the wildcard touch because an interesting compromise can always arise before or after the exercises. So, be prepared!

How about a legging, top and a blouse with transparency over it? To finish off the composition, bet on a cute sneaker and a super stylish sweatshirt!

Trendy look

College, work, going out with friends, or any other program that allows a more stripped-down production, this type of pants is more than welcome.

If this is your favorite visual line, invest in an oversized t-shirt and a bomber jacket to complete your production. On your feet, a boot or casual sneakers can be great choices!

Romantic look

This may seem like an impossible composition, but nothing in the fashion universe is forbidden and you will know how to wear leggings in your romantic looks!

Choose a ruffled blouse, a smock model, or even those with shoulder-to-shoulder detail, the beloved gypsy girls.

Finish with an Anabela sandal and choose the most delicate accessories you like!

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