Wear gold watches. Gold has long ceased to be color only for the female universe. In fact, in the old days, men wore many golden accessories (watches, bracelets, chains, etc.) and after a while, it fell into oblivion and everyone started to realize that men’s pieces should normally be made of silver metals.

Nowadays, old gold has started to be used a lot, a kind of aged gold and without much shine, mainly in men’s bracelets. Now, gold is returning as a great option, as versatile and democratic as the old and beloved silver.

If you want to buy this accessory, but don’t see many men wearing it, learn now how to wear gold men’s watches.

Models and on what occasion to wear gold watches

Wearing gold accessories, especially watches, is chic and modern. The digital ones give a very young face to the production and are recommended for casual and everyday combinations.

The most classic ones, with pointers, look very good with a social look on an occasion that requires a touch of formality.

Your choice, in fact, will depend a lot on your personal taste, your style, and the occasion for which you are thinking of betting on the accessory.

How to combine the gold watch

Don’t be afraid to wear a gold watch. Although it gives a greater contrast, which can cause a surprise in those who are not used to using it, the color matches very well with any skin tone and looks great with different colors of clothes and compositions.

A really cool tip is to mix the watch with more rustic bracelets, like leather or seeds, to give a break in the sophisticated air that the golden watch alone can give to the production.

With what clothes to wear gold watch

When you need to wear a suit, remember that the gold watch is ideal for this social look. But, it is not only with formal clothes that this accessory looks good.

For a relaxed look, bet on black pants or dark jeans, a black jacket and boot. With an all-black look, the gold watch will be the highlight of the production. In this combination, you can also exchange the coat for a plaid shirt.

If you don’t like an all-black look, you can replace the pieces with clothes in earthy tones, such as brown, beige and military green, which also combine very well with gold. Wearing a denim shirt with jeans is also a good option.

In more neutral looks, gold also looks good. Wear, for example, a basic sweater, pants, and sneakers in colors like white and navy blue and finish with the gold watch.

What did you think? Have you learned how to wear men’s gold watches? Tell us in the comments!

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