How to wear dress shoes with jeans?. Many day-to-day events for men are not as formal as they appear and, therefore, the look does not normally need to be so formal. But, to maintain the elegance and even the modernity of the look many men like to combine striped pieces with formal ones such as  jeans  and social shoes .

To make this combination it is important to follow some points and so we will quote some tips to help you with this doubt and not make any mistakes during the composition of this look, check it out!

How to wear dress shoes with jeans?

Calm down, you are not the only man with this doubt. So we created this post to help you. The first rule is to choose jeans with a darker wash and few details because it brings more sobriety and a more discreet look.

After choosing the color of the pants, another important detail is to pay attention to the color of the social shoe. Shoes with colors like caramel , wine and navy earn points in terms of casualty, so they are closer to jeans. However, when choosing between black and brown colors , always give preference to brown because it is more casual and contrasts with jeans.

Another tip: be careful with the pieces you are going to combine at the top. Avoid combinations with a  men’s T-shirt  and a  cool men’s jacket  , look for a   nice shirt - it may even be a  polo shirt  - and a well-behaved blazer or jacket.

Now that you know these tips, it is important to note when you will be using this combination. For example, avoid going to weddings or graduations with this look, unless this type of costume was specified in the invitation. The best occasions to wear this type of look are for meetings or a more informal work routine and also for a more romantic date or going out with friends at a more daytime event.

Extra Doubt: Shirt in or out of the pants?

Shirt in or out In fact, they depend on some factors such as the situation, your biotype and comfort. Some men feel comfortable with the shirt out of their pants and others do not and prefer to keep the whole shirt out of the pants, but on some occasions caution is necessary and we will tell you why.

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If you are going to wear it out, it is ideal that it covers your  belt  and never exceed the horse in your pants. If you are going to use it inwards, the shirt should not be too wide to the point of being too much on the sides, nor too short to the point that every time you raise your arms you have to put it in again. Another tip is if you are going to use the shirt with a blazer, the piece must be placed inside the pants.