The men’s dress shirt is one of the “magic” pieces of the men’s wardrobe, they have the power to leave the look elegant and sophisticated with various combinations. The personality of the piece is formal and if used in the right way the look is impeccable!What many men doubt is whether, in certain situations, the shirt can be left out of the pants. Another doubt is the combination of the piece. How to wear a dress shirt with jeans? And with the other fabrics? See the answer to all of these questions below!

See when to use the shirt in or out of the pants. Nowadays, with the shirts shorter and more adjusted on the body, it is easy to answer that we don’t always need to put the piece inside the pants, but understand that certain occasions require this classic look and traditional.dress shirt

A more social and formal look, for example, on occasions that require a more traditional look. The idea is to wear the shirt inside the pants, however “old” it seems to be. With a suit then it is mandatory to wear the dress shirt inside the pants. As the garment is extremely traditional.

On an occasion that allows a bolder and more youthful look. Just do not be afraid to leave the garment out of your pants, as long as it is short and not those classic shirts that have a large bottom. Just to make it easier to put on inside.

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So, only put your shirt out of the pants when it is adjusted on the body and is short, at the height of the pants pockets, and if the occasion allows a look of only pants  +  shirt  + tie. If your shirt is long or if it is time to wear a suit, prefer to put the garment inside.

Learn to wear a men’s dress shirt with jeans

For being a versatile piece, the jeans gain an exquisite touch with the combination of the dress shirt. The rule on how to wear a dress shirt with jeans follows what we mentioned above: on informal occasions, invest in the men’s dress shirt out of the pants. In that case, bet on prints and colors.

dress shirt with jeans

On formal occasions (which allow the use of jeans), the shirt can be used inside. Try to use neutral and discreet colors or prints. In order not to make the look too formal, opt for the use of sneakers, this shoe transits between the two terms and besides everything is very modern!