Neon Shoe. Since the last winter, the neon trend has been successful and has not left the spotlight of the fashion world. Of course, if you are more discreet in your look, you don’t have to abuse the trend from head to toe, just add an item to the look and that’s it! Currently, this indispensable item for the feminine look is footwear and when investing in neon / fluorescent tones, the look does not go unnoticed.

However, you need to be careful with the combinations. And that is exactly why we have separated some important tips for you, who like the famous neon shoes. Our recommendations will help you to compose an even more beautiful look and without exaggeration, check it out!

Focus on the Neon Shoe

Combining the colors of the clothes with the colors of the neon shoe is the secret to rocking! So, the first important tip, which is valid for any flashy accessory, is to use them as unique. The result looks like this:

So, remember: when using a shoe of this type, let it be the key piece of your look. After all, it is enough to make the desired relaxation in the look.

Invest in Neutral Parts

In order not to run the risk of making a mistake in the composition of your look, the neon shoe should preferably be used with neutral clothing pieces, that is, with white, black, gray, beige, or even with light tones, such as blue and pink. drink. As for the model of the clothes, do not worry too much, because the neon shoes look great with basic pieces, such as jeansT-shirt and even shorts and dresses! For the last two options, be careful not to choose a model that is too flashy, as this can contrast negatively with your shoes.

Get inspired by the color palette

Finally, the suggestion not to make a mistake when combining the neon shoe is to know which ones match the most. And in that, the color palette can help you, so you can choose the neutral option that most harmonizes with the color of your shoes.

For example, A yellow shoe looks good with navy blue pieces. Royal blue, on the other hand, is excellent with warm pieces, such as light pink. In the case of the pink shoe, the suggestion is to arrive in more closed colors, such as black and gray. In fact, gray clothes are also great to wear with neon green shoes.

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