The animal print is timeless and versatile, contrary to what many women think. This type of print can compose different looks, from the most sensual to the most formal. The animal print has been growing more and more and has been innovating from head to toe, bringing options for clothes, shoes, and accessories to compose the look.

To be able to use this print daily, we will show you tips on how to keep the look balanced according to what you want to go through.

Practical tips on how to use Animal Print

If you are starting to get acquainted with the animal print and still don’t have any pieces in this pattern, you can start with the accessories. You can bet on bags with these details, or belts, earrings, or necklaces, which will add a fashion touch to your look. However, it is important to pay attention to the size of the print and the rest of the look. When deciding to use a more striking accessory, choose to use only one. For feet, you can start with slip-on sneakers that are versatile and comfortable, and can already be found in these prints. Next, we take some questions about how to use the print, check it out.

How to bet on visual balance?

To create a balanced look, try to use a combination that follows with the main piece in animal print and the others with colors that are part of the print. For example leopard blouse + brown pants + nude shoes.

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How to dare without fear?

If you are one of those who love a bold look and do not mind attracting several looks wherever you go, here are two tips! One is to make a combination with different types of animal print. You can mix tiger print with leopard, for example. But if you don’t want something so bold, you can combine size variations of the same type of print.

Another tip, especially for fashionistas on duty, is to bet on a total animal print look. In this case, you can bet on the same pattern for each piece you wear.

Is color mixing possible?

Whoever asks if it is possible to combine colors that are not part of the print, needs to know that it is an option to consider yes!

Imagine a look with a snakeskin print + a moss green coat. Or one in the jaguar line + red complementary items. The results are much more striking and unique visuals!