Bags, shoes, clothes, makeup, all of that delights women from all over the world, doesn’t it? And how good it is to have something brand new on hand! In addition to always buying something new, the idea is to take care of all your belongings, so their quality and life span is better and you can enjoy more. After all, an accessory like the very well-kept bag brings a different image to their look, do you agree?

Thinking about it we have separated some tips for you to take good care of your bags, of any size and material because they are a fundamental part of a woman’s daily life.

Here are tips to take good care of your favorite bag

Store in the correct place!

First, where do you keep your bags? Always placing them in a dry, ventilated place, away from heat and humidity is correct, and do you know that anti-mold sachet that always comes in new bags? So, it’s good to leave them inside. If you can, keep them hanging to avoid the risk of deforming or crushing the accessory. Another important tip is not to keep your shoes in the bag, ok?

Be careful what you take inside this accessory

What do you take inside them? Yes, everything! Small pointed objects can damage the lining of your bag, always carry a nécessaire inside the bag. Avoid leaving other things too, especially something that can get dirty like candies, chocolates, and makeup.

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Another detail you need to know if you want to learn how to take better care of your bag: being overweight can damage the handles, the modeling, and the finish. The small female shoulder bag is only for what is necessary, for the busiest days bet on the larger female bag like the maxis handbags.

In order not to make a mistake in choosing, the main thing is to choose the model that meets your needs. So, if the intention is to have something discreet and simple, invest in a basic bag or a side bag with neutral colors and discreet details. The large cross-sectional handbag is perfect for those who love to carry various items outside the home and prefer a more vibrant look.

In addition to the size, it is also important to define the proposal of the accessory. If the occasion is a wedding, for example, it is ideal that it is discreet. If the bag is used daily, it must be more resistant than conventional ones.

How do I clean my purse?

Soiled, what now? Use a damp cloth, or brush, nothing that will damage the material in your bag, all with mild soap or coconut. After cleaning let it ventilate for up to a day. In no way use washing machines, much less with bleach, right?

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Pen ink and lipstick stains are permanent damages, both on the liner and the outside. If you notice immediately, use coconut soap to try to mitigate the damage.

Another quite complicated damage is oil stains. In this case, you can try to powder it, but it is not guaranteed since the brand is very visible.

Do you know those metal details, like key chains and pendants? To clean anything from using vinegar, use super effective toothpaste! Female bags made of synthetic material cannot be overexposed to the sun, as they dry out completely.( take good care of your favorite bag).