How to style a wig: There are many hairstyles that we have already proposed to show off this Carnival and be perfect. Hairstyles of all kinds that will require us some good extensions or a wig like a real celebrity. For this reason, today, we want to give you the keys to how to style a wig and be totally stupendous.

Natural hair wig

Differentiating natural or synthetic hair is essential since if it is natural hair wigs, we can treat them the same as our hair (always delicately, of course). They allow dyeing using heat tools such as a dryer, styling brushes, or plates, so the possibilities are much more varied.

Of course, natural hair wigs are much more expensive than synthetic hair things. So here it depends on each one’s possibilities. It will also depend on the use that we want to give since we can also take advantage of it beyond the Carnival.

Thus, we can find many possibilities online, such as this XXL wig with those great waves that can give us a lot of play when dressing up.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

On the other hand, if we are dealing with synthetic hair wigs, beyond being collected, semi-collected, or leaving it loose, we will basically maintain the style of the wig itself.

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The important thing is to know that with a synthetic wig, we will not use heat tools because we will burn it. His specialty is to make us one already in the style that we like, fantasy type in red.

If, on the other hand, we get a straight wig and want to curl it. Here we would have to use rollers on wet hair, pass boiling water (not boiling because it will spoil). And let it air dry or, at most, use the cool air from the dryer. It will depend on the quality of the wig that is curled more or less.

For example, a set of flexible rollers can be a good option, and that we can also get a lot out of the rest of the year.

How to detangle a wig

Yes, wigs, especially long ones, get quite tangled. Having a special wig brush is a great ally and, in turn, uses unique products for its maintenance.

Be that as it may, to eliminate tangles without getting the hair on your hands. The thing is to wash it with many conditioners so that the bristles are well impregnated and can be easily unbaked.

Once combed. We will let them air dry, avoiding direct sunlight and heat sources for the reasons we have explained above.

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Cut a wig

An excellent possibility to play with different looks is that we can cut the wig. If we have not done with a short wig, we can always try with changes of look.

And the thing is that bobs are a trend, for example. Therefore, now at Carnival, it could be an excellent option to wear it or a pixie. For instance, we can then comb with water waves for a perfect costume inspired by the 20s using hair gel.

How to style a wig to make it look natural

And, finally, when it comes to putting the wig. The thing is to do it in the most natural way possible. So that it can even go through our own hair.

First, we will have to collect our own hair. Then placing a hairnet or similar to adjust it entirely and create the perfect canvas. We will adhere the fabric to our skin perfectly and, if necessary, we will cut it.

Once the wig is in place. The best option is a fine line of the wig’s hair, right at the hairline. Which we will cut to give it a more natural appearance. That of the typical “grandparents,” which are those short hairline.

Then his thing is to comb them naturally or using products.

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