(How to shrink clothes) We see a garment that looks good, even the dress of our dreams, we think it may be and, to top it all, we find it on a super discounted sale, so how can we leave it in the store? But surprise! That garment that we buy with such enthusiasm turns out to be too big for us. Has it happened to you? We solve it by explaining how to shrink clothes: tips and tricks , so you can do magic with your favorite clothes.

Not only in times of sales or when stores want to empty their warehouses, throwing out the stock at unbeatable prices, but also the proliferation of the Internet and online stores, has led to more and more of us getting used to buying clothes. online. Of course, then the troubles come, when that dress, or the sweater, the pants or the T-shirt that we buy turns out that it actually presents as 1 size more than what it indicated.

But you do not have to resell that garment, nor leave it abandoned in any drawer just in case one day we grow up, which is difficult at certain ages. We bring you a simple way to shrink your clothes so that if you have a few inches of fabric left over, now it will be a little more shrunken. Are you impatient to know how to do it? Let us begin.

How to shrink clothes

How to shrink a t-shirt

In fact, more to do with the type of garment itself, we will have to look at the material from which it is made. But we will start from the assumption that most of the t-shirts are made of cotton. So, to shrink a cotton T-shirt , the secret is in the hot water.

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Surely from time to time, you will have accidentally witnessed how, at home, a laundry was dwarfed because someone made a mistake when programming the washing machine and used hot water instead of using cold water. We can use this accident to our advantage when we want to shrink a cotton shirt or garment.

But why does this happen? You may be wondering. What happens is that when they come into contact with hot water, the cotton fibers tighten and it does so the more the temperature is set. As a result, that shirt, when it comes out of the washing machine, will look like your little sister, because it will have been reduced in size.

The shirt has to be submerged in the boiling water for at least 30 minutes(How to shrink clothes). But the trick does not end here, because once this time has passed, we will remove it from the water and let it cool, just dripping the water carefully, so as not to stretch the garment. Once it has cooled down, we will put it in the dryer. And we begin a second phase of heat and, again, we will try to set the maximum temperature.

Now, you will have your shirt much smaller than before putting it in the hot water and in the dryer.

How to shrink pants

Pants that are too big for you are a huge nuisance, and even more so if it is jeans, or jeans. Once again, hot water will be the base element to shrink our wide jeans.

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Maybe you didn’t buy a pants size up, but your favorite jeans, after so much use, gave of themselves. In both cases, program your washing machine with the highest intensity of washing it has and hot water. With this we are looking for their fibers to contract.

It is also true that jeans with washing become super rigid and if we wash them under these conditions, they will do it even more. To avoid this, or alleviate this effect as much as possible, choose better to use liquid detergent and fabric softener.

Once the washing machine is done, put your pants in the dryer. This time don’t wait for them to cool down like we did with the shirt. Also program the highest heat. Let them soak up the heat well, without taking it out of the dryer for a long time. Even leaving them 10 minutes beyond the duration of the drying process.

Did you take them out of the dryer and they are still big on you? Repeat the operation two or three more times to shrink your pants .

Is it only one part of the pants that is too big for you and the rest fits like a glove? Well then the process is more complex, but a specific area can also be reduced. To do this, we will mix hot water with fabric softener, adding one part of fabric softener to three parts of very hot water. We pour it into a sprayer. Shake well and pour into the area that we have to work on.

Soak that area well and tumble dry, using a standard wash cycle but on high heat.

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How to shrink a dress

Heat is also going to be the secret to shrinking a dress . Although if it is a cotton dress, we will put it, inside out, in a pot of boiling water. We leave it for half an hour and then dry it to cool. Then we put it in the dryer at a high temperature.

In the case that the dress is made of wool. We also let it soak in a bucket of hot water. But then when we remove it, we will wrap it in a towel so that they absorb the humidity. We form a bag and put it in the dryer.

Be very careful, however, if the dress is nylon , because it melts, so we will not use extreme heat with nylon.

How to shrink a sweater

A sweater, in 90% of the cases is made out of wool. So we proceed with it as we have done before with other wool garments. That is, we will use warm water and not hot, because the heat spoils the color and the wonderful texture of the wool. Pour it into a basin, soak well.
After a while, take it out of the water and dry it well. Squeeze carefully and carefully.

Take a large, dry towel and place the sweater on it. Wrap it up, so the moisture is absorbed by the towel. Change the towel for a dry one every time it is wet.

If you want a faster and more efficient process. The dryer can help you, but as we already said, heat spoils the wool and will tarnish your sweater.