How to remove wax from clothing: The first thing to do is to put the wax-stained fabric on the table, and with a well-sharpened straight-blade knife (it does not work as a saw type because it could snag and scratch the fabric) you have to scrape well everything that we can remove. To help us, it is very useful to rest the fabric on a small kitchen cutting board. We need to have a firm and smooth surface.

When there is no longer palpable wax, but only “the stain”, we turn on the iron at high temperature. It has to be very hot but WITHOUT steam.
Traditionally, brown paper is used to absorb the wax. It’s that thick gray paper, typical of the greengrocer or fishmonger. Nowadays it is very difficult to find it. In supermarkets, they put fish and fruit in plastic bags. We solve it using kitchen paper, which works the same.

How to remove wax from clothing

We place a portion of paper on the table, on top, the garment with the well-located wax stain, and on top of the fabric another square of kitchen paper, and we simply put the iron on the paper. It is not necessary to “pass” the iron because with the simple heat of the base we can already see how the wax passes to the paper.
As we see the droplets, we have to change the portion of the paper, both the bottom of the fabric and the top, until there are no remains of wax on the fabric. We see that because there comes a time when the paper no longer stains.
And we do this with all the wax chips that we have. If there are many, as is my case, it will take a while, but in the end, they all come out and it is not difficult, just a little entertaining …

Remove stains from corduroy or velvet clothing.

If the wax drip landed on a corduroy or velvet garment, the shape is the same. Scrape with the knife (very carefully, so as not to cut the hair). The only difference is that we iron the fabric inside out, with the hair facing down, so as not to crush it. In that case, the ideal is to put double paper underneath.
You have to check that the wax is soaking into the paper below. If it does not, the temperature of the iron will have to be raised. You always have to protect the underside of the tissue. If necessary, put a cotton handkerchief on the kitchen paper so that the fabric does not burn. They are thick and delicate fabrics and the heat has to be able to pass through them to melt the wax.
Once the wax is removed, the garment is washed normally. If you can, at home. If it needs dry cleaning, take it to the dry cleaner.
Even if you take it to the dry cleaner, it is advisable to remove wax stains from clothes at home. Not all dry cleaners (especially large chains) know how to remove wax well. If you do it at home, you make sure that your garment really looks clean.
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