Stylish fashion does not always belong to teenagers and young people, but also to elderly people. People, especially men over 50 years old are able to be fashionable by wearing appropriate clothing. Fashions for men over 50 are basically the same with any ages, they just have to mix and match the colors and the patterns on their clothes in order to fit their mature age.

Men in 50s are men who have been mature enough to pick and to decide what the best is for them. They are wise enough to choose everything, such as in choosing fashion clothing to wear. Usually men over 50 are married, thus they don’t need to attract women’s attention by wearing bright colors clothes.

We suggest that they should wear clothing in neutral colors, as brown, grey, black, or white to make manhood, maturity, and wisdom impressions. Add more accessories like a tie to make fresh impression and to avoid old-fashioned look.

Johnny Depp fashion style for men over 50

We can mention some celebrities who still look hot in their mature ages, for example George Clooney (53), Brad Pitt (51), Johnny Depp (51), Jon Bon Jovi (53), Tom Cruise (52), Antonio Banderas (54), Pierce Brosnan (61), and more. They are still stylish with fashions clothing they wear though they are already over 50 years old. They are clever enough to mix and match the clothes, as they are public figures that have to be fashionable in front of the camera.

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For casual activities, they can wear denim jeans and plain shirt in neutral colors. Men over 50 are still acceptable to wear jeans, even they can wear denim jacket to complete their appearance in order to look vintage. Black jacket will fit perfectly their appearance when they are about to go hangout in the mall, café, or local stores. To try other style, they can wear vest when it’s winter. They will feel comfortable and fashionable at the same time.


Men over 50 often wear suits in formal activities, as in a meeting, in the office, or in a party. Black suit or tuxedo is the best men’s clothing that can attract women’s attention. They can complete the style with bowties or common ties as well. As we know that men in suit are always cool in any situations. No wonder, there are lots of women who are interested with mature men over 50 years old who look fashionable with fashions they wear.