How to get silly putty out of clothes. Wipe the blade several times, rubbing off the Silly putty. Also, fold the dough so that it has a Silly putty on the edge and can be easily removed so that it does not stick to other areas of the dough. You can remove it with your fingernails, but some people find it unpleasant to put a Silly putty under a nail. You can use a dull knife to keep your hands clean. Pour 99% strong rubbing alcohol on the dirt. If there is no frictional alcohol, use hydrogen peroxide.

How to get silly putty out of clothes

Method 1

  • Wipe the knife several times while rubbing Silly Putty and fold the garment for easy removal without spreading to other areas.
  • You can use your nails to scrape off dry dirt, but some people don’t like sticking under their nails. Keep your hands clean with a blunt knife.

Pour rubbing alcohol 99% on isopropyl stain. If you do not have to rub alcohol, use hydrogen peroxide. Do this in the kitchen or bathroom sink to prevent alcohol and Silly putty from hitting other substances in the house. Apply alcohol to the dirty areas. The dirt begins to melt and turns into a liquid again.

  • Do not use rubbing alcohol that contains ethyl. This does not work optimally.
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Use a cleaning brush, toothbrush, or clean washcloth to remove dirt. Gently rub the dirt and apply sufficient pressure, as it can damage the fabric, but do not make it too strong. This helps get rid of Silly putty from lint.

  • Have an area of ​​clothing to clean so that rubbing alcohol and the cleaning process touch only one layer of clothing and not the other areas of clothing. You can also slide one hand under the dirt and then rub the top layer with the other.
  • A cleaning brush or toothbrush is suitable for this process because bristles are more rubbing than a washcloth, but if the cloth you are cleaning is very fragile, use a soft washcloth.

Repeat scrubbing and rubbing alcohol until the dirt is clean. It may take several times to remove the dirt. Feel the texture of the fabric with your fingers-is it still sticky or slippery? If it’s still sticky, it still has a Silly putty. Continue the process until the dough is no longer sticky.

  • Rinse the wash brush, toothbrush, or washcloth several times during the wash period. This will ensure that the Silly putty is still away from the dough.

Wash the dirty areas as usual and then dry in the sun. This method removes the scent of rubbing alcohol and the remaining Silly Putty residue. After washing, dry your clothes and do not a machine. Once dry, check the dirty areas to see if the stains are still visible. In that case, repeat the rubbing alcohol and repeat the scrub process.

  • Machine drying allows dirt to adhere more closely, even at low heat settings. If left dry, additional checks and cleaning processes can be performed as needed.
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Method 2: Freeze Silly putty

Place dirty clothes in the refrigerator overnight. You don’t have to put it in your pocket, but you can. Cold temperatures cure Silly putty and cause it to shrink slightly, facilitating cracking and peeling.

  • Alternatively, you can place ice cubes or a bag of ice on top of the stained area. In essence, Silly Putty should be refrigerated for easy peeling.

Crush the frozen Silly putty with a hammer or other hard object. This method makes the dirt finer and easier to clean. Rub the frozen stains with a paper towel for easy removal. Don’t throw away the Silly putty so it doesn’t stick again.

  • Depending on the size of the dirt, you may be able to clean the frozen Silly putty without breaking it. Large stains usually need to be broken to make them easier to remove. However, small stains can be cleaned without having to break them first.

Freeze again and repeat this process until Silly Putty is successfully cleaned. Silly Putty stains may remain on the fibers. These small flakes soak into the fibers of the fabric and may not come off after freezing.

  • Some types of Silly putty cannot be frozen because it is made of that material. If Silly Putty does not freeze after 12 hours of freezing, you need to clean it in another way.
  • Depending on the type of Silly Putty used (brand, imitation, homemade), the substrate may not freeze.
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Wash your clothes and then dry them in the sun. Wash your clothes, as usual, let them air dry, and do not tumble dry. When your clothes are dry, check for dirt. If not, try another cleaning method.

Natural drying of clothes prevents dirt from solidifying as if it were mechanically dried.