How to dry shoes. An unforeseen downpour, a huge puddle impossible to avoid … The causes are multiple but the result is the same: soaked shoes! And it is worth mentioning that it is not pleasant at all! If you want to make sure you dry your shoes well, and very quickly, here is a very simple method. How to dry tennis shoes? you just have to get hold of the newspaper.

There are several ways to dry shoes super quickly

  • Dry shoes in the washing machine
  • Dry wet shoes with a fan.
  • Dry wet shoes with newspaper

In the washing machine

Not all wet shoes can be put in the dryer. Make sure you can put yours in first. If they are synthetic or cotton tennis shoes with flexible soles, you can put them in the machine. Leather shoes or boots, sneakers, clogs, or shoes with Gore-Tex should not be put in the dryer.

If your shoes have gotten wet from the rain and are not only soaked, they are full of mud, it is advisable to rinse them first so that they are clean and not to spoil the dryer with dirt.

If the shoes have laces, untie them. Put dishcloths or towels with your shoes, but don’t fill the drum to the maximum.

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The shoes do not have to go inside the machine but tied to the door of the dryer. To do this, catch the laces with the door when closing it. This will prevent the shoes from being damaged and knocked in the dryer.

Program a low or medium drying time, the temperature should not be too high. Remember not to put them in more than 60 minutes.

Dry wet shoes with a fan.

To carry out this technique, it is preferable that you have a table fan that is larger than your shoes and that can support its weight.
Place a towel under the fan to absorb the excess water released by the tennis shoes. If you have sturdy hooks you can use them to hang the shoes from the fan, if not you can always make hooks with an old wire hanger and pliers.

Once you have the metal brackets, hook them to the fan grill to hang your shoes. The shoes should not be completely glued to the device, ideally, there should be a distance of several centimeters.

Leave the fan running at medium or high speed for the necessary time. In an hour they should be dry.

If you don’t have a table fan or a dryer and you don’t know how to dry tennis shoes, don’t worry, you will always have the traditional newspaper method, which is also very effective.

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Dry wet shoes with newspaper.

A newspaper will suffice to dry wet shoes. You just have to be careful not to choose pages with images or very dark ink to avoid damaging your shoes.

To dry wet shoes with newspaper, we repeat the same process and remove the mud with a little water before drying. Once they are clean the technique is very simple. Roll the sheets of newspaper into balls and tuck them into the shoe up to the toe so that they absorb the water well.

With other sheets, wrap the shoes on the outside as if they were a sandwich. Use a string, tape, or rubber so that the paper sticks well to the shoe. You just have to wait… easy, simple, and effective!