Many times we consider formal attire to be the hardest to master, but choosing good aesthetic clothes also has its science. We tend to fall into the error of considering that everything casual must follow the guidelines of fashion trends.

This makes us choose garments that do not fit us quite well or that are not suitable for the occasion. Mastering the art of casual dress, here are some tips that you can take into consideration.

aesthetic outfit

When choosing aesthetic outfits, you have to think about two things: what looks good on me and where I’m going. The success of a good look is in knowing that not everything we have in the closet is useful for any occasion.

Thinking that only events like weddings, degrees, and red carpets have a dress code is a mistake. Something as everyday as going to work implies certain basic rules when deciding the length of the skirt, the tightness of the pants, and the height of the shoes.

It may seem a bit exaggerated, but you just have to look away from the computer for a second, or stop what they are doing and look at those who work next to you to notice that more than one person is out of tune, either due to their overconfidence or ignorance absolute of what looks good on your body.

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aesthetic outfits

It is clear that there are jobs where the atmosphere is relaxed and informal. As in the case of advertising agencies, magazines, or designers, and that there are other more conservative ones such as those who work in the stock market or law firms. But this does not mean that the former dress(aesthetic outfits) in the first they find and that the latter overproduce.

In order not to fall into commonplaces, keep in mind the following recommendations. It never hurts to do a little self-assessment in front of the mirror and find the middle ground between comfort, safety, style, and sobriety.

aesthetic outfit

  • Wear comfortable clothing. Do not forget that you are in the office, so try to wear aesthetic outfits that are easy to wear. That translates into dresses that are not so tight or so short (they are perfect for a cocktail or a rumba but fatal at work).
  • Wear versatile garments. Different activities can arise throughout the day, so it is a good idea to wear a jacket (either a blazer or a black leather one) that adds personality to your look for the day. The jackets are another alternative, whether, with jeans, pants, or skirts, they provide a lighter and more feminine style.
  • Avoid plunging necklines. Women, insinuating is always going to be better than exhibiting, and more so if you are in a work environment. I’m not saying that certain attributes should not be highlighted, but such exaggerated necklines look vulgar and zero professional.
  • Wear walking shoes. Trying to look more stylized, many women buy heels so high that it seems they are on stilts. The key is not in the shoes, but in the way, you walk them. Opt for comfortable shoes that allow you to move without getting tired, and if you like heels, try models of a maximum of 6 cm that will still give you height but also panache.
  • Show off accessories. For those who must go with neutral colors in their wardrobe, necklaces, bracelets, and purses the ideal excuse to play with color. Dare to mix prints and wear bold colors like neon. It will not go unnoticed.
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