Ideal clothes to enhance your body:First of all, it is important to know that in fashion there are no rules, but using common sense and taking advantage of some style tips can highlight your qualities and disguise those characteristics that you do not like.

All body types have their natural beauty and their positive and negative points, with regard to body harmony, so knowing what to use to enhance your body type is essential when dressing. These are basic tricks on how to use pieces you have at home, check it out!

If you are tall

Shirt inside: It is a tiny detail, but it will reduce the impression of a long silhouette! Not to mention that it looks stylish and modern.

Use belts: They draw a horizontal line around your waist, which makes you more marked. It’s the same effect as the shirt on the inside, but when you want to wear dresses and long coats!

Bet on skirts over the knee: It’s the perfect length to further enhance your body. Not to mention that they look super chic and elegant in any look, even combined with T-shirts !

If you want to look taller

Midi skirt: I don’t mean that you can’t wear long skirts - far from it - but the minis will give the impression that you have a few more inches, if that’s what you want to simulate!

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Shirts at the right height: Leave them exactly at the hip. Longer ones will give the impression that you are short, but if you leave it at that time you will achieve the opposite effect.

Avoid sandals with straps on the shin: They will give the impression that your legs are shorter. A tip to stretch? Nude shoes work to give the impression of long legs!

To look thinner

Dark colors: That basic cliché that “black slims” is very real. Bet on looks all black or darker colors, like moss green, navy blue, and it’s better if they don’t have prints.

Optical illusion: This trick always works and, therefore, a way to look thinner and with a longer elongated trunk is to choose to include a vertical line on the body. How to do this? With a blazer, with a shirt highlighted in another color in the part where the buttons go and finish with a beautiful long necklace.

Jeans with high waistband: Here, the ideal thing is for the waistband to be on top of the navel, and with a straight or bulky cut on the legs. This will take your attention off your belly, explore your legs and shrink your hips.

Scarpins: They will stretch your body and, consequently, give the impression of thinness. Ah, another solution is to opt for pointy shoes , which help - a lot! - to lengthen the silhouette.

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These are just a few tricks used in the “fashion world”, to disguise something that might bother you. But, do you know what is more important? LOVE YOUR BODY THE WAY IT IS AND DO NOT CONCERN THE OPINION OF OTHERS . There is no more beautiful thing and no more perfect look than being happy with yourself!