Cashmere sweaters or cashmere are one of the noblest and expensive materials for making clothing. The authentic cashmere is the one that is extracted from the goats of the dry highlands that border the Gobi desert. It goes from the northeast of China to Mongolia, and the cashmere is goat wool. Once the thread is collected, the fluff is washed, and the unnecessary undercoat is removed. Clothing made of cashmere is soft and light. The quality of cashmere is evaluated by color, fineness, and length. It is pleasant to the touch than other wool fabrics and does not cause allergies.

It is not an easy task to choose to clothe made of cashmere. This fabric stands out from the rest for its lightness and softness. One way to verify that the piece is made of authentic cashmere is by shaking the sweater if it detaches threads or fluffs low quality, and in some cases, it is not even cashmere. Conveniently, you check its elasticity if it returns to its original shape if it is a high-quality product once you stretch. The label should read 100% cashmere thread and not a composite or blend of this fabric, although in some cases, excellent quality silk is incorporated into its composition.

Tips from stylists

Cashmere sweater

When selecting the cashmere sweater that we will use, the stylists advise paying particular attention to the color of your skin, hair, and eyes to go in harmony with the outfit. When we wear a look, and the sweater is decorated with various patterns, the skirt or pants that will complement our image must be unicolor, and vice versa. A classic cashmere sweater looks utterly different with chunky leather accessories or some chunky metal accent.

Many stylists believe that cashmere inevitably leads us to think of a palette of gray and brown tones. Now that it has changed and there are many bold and unusual colors, designers gave free rein to the variety of colors of cashmere sweaters.

Undoubtedly, if you want to create a more formal look, the best choice will be to combine your cashmere sweater with decorative elements with shiny textures. An outfit consisting of a brown cashmere sweater with a floral print is a very romantic and casual look.


Reliving Audrey Hepburn’s incredible style, she wears a cashmere sweater with high-waisted pants. A combination of good taste and style. The shoes that you will wear are loafers. You should bear in mind that this image is appropriate for slim women, but do not limit yourself when using a cashmere sweater; just play with the model and design of the pants or skirts that best suit your figure. 

What to wear with a cashmere sweater?

A cashmere sweater looks very elegant with shirts and blouses of delicate and subtle fabrics. Remember that the best thing to do is choose a solid color cashmere sweater. They look great under a jacket; to complement this type’s tandem, it is best to do without jewelry and flashy accessories.

A very suitable outfit to go to the office is a cashmere sweater with pants. Another alternative can be a straight skirt. And if you want to create a fresher and more informal image, combine your shirt with jeans. The choice of the jeans model should match the cashmere sweater model, and it is an excellent combination for a night walk around the city. Wear thin-soled shoes or sneakers. 

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