Although it is not as popular as last year, but you still can feel the Korean wave in almost every corner of your town. And let’s face it, even if not all of us really into Korean wave, but we can’t deny that South Korea has a great and stunning fashion sense.

Korean Fashion Style is different than the rest of the world and that’s what makes it unique and special. For girls they can be both cute, innocent but also elegant and sexy at the same time, while for the boy they can look like a gentleman but also sexy at the same time. So, today we will give you some tips on how to apply Korean Fashion Style.

Choose your style

Talking about Korean Fashion Style, they actually have a wide range of variations. From elegant, formal, cute and innocent and even feminine. Now, what you need to do first is to find which of these Korean Fashion Style that suits you the most.

You can start by looking for some inspirations from magazines, internet or even watch Korean drama series. You’ll probably need some time to find which style suits you the best, but that’s okay, experimenting is great. Just make sure that you are comfortable with the style you choose.

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Korean Fashion Style : Flawless Make Up

When you watch Korean drama series or even watch your favorite Korean girl band or boyband, did you see what they have in common? Yes, flawless skin, a flawless skin makeup is a must in Korean Fashion Style, well, although in this case the artist usually has some expensive treatment for their skin. But don’t worry you can also have some flawless skin by using BB cream, a little bit of foundations and some loose powder.

Remember to keep your makeup minimum and natural, because that’s how most Korean girls look. You can use some of Korean make up and skin care product if you want, they are really great. Use circlelines to make your eyes look bigger if necessary.

korean makeup trends tutorial

Korean Fashion Style : Natural Hair

Another important matter in Korean Fashion Style is the hairstyle. Of course, when we talk about the haircut, there is actually a lot of kind of Koreanhairstyle so your choice is limitless. But it will be better if you dye your hair into natural colors just like Korean girls do, colors like light brown, or mahogany will work better for your Korean style if you’re not Asian. But if you want to take it to the extreme then using some unique colors is also great, such as green or purple or even silver?

Hairstyle and hair do Korean fashion style

No matter what you do, just be yourself! And don’t be afraid to show it!

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