High fashion designers have earned their rightful places in the industry. There is a long list of top designers who have shared their creative ideas with the world. Working with a top-tier designer is something that many people desire and wish to happen. If you have a favorite fashion designer, it will be easier to find outfits that suit your taste. Yohji Yamamoto is a long collaborator of Adidas. Adidas is a famous clothing brand. It is mostly famous for its sportswear. Who would’ve thought that sportswear can look fashionable? They have a long list of casual items for your everyday wear.

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Yohji Yamamoto has been in collaboration with the company for so long. It all started in 2003. At that time, Yamamoto was trusted to make designs for the brand Y-3. The partnership has brought the brand to success in the fashion industry. The brand is not his only venture in fashion, but his creations have graced us all. Marc Jacobs is another name we would like to introduce. He is known to be part of Vans. He is one of few people that non-fashion fans most likely know. His career is not only limited to fashion. For your information, he was the creative director of Louis Vuitton. He has collaborated with Vans on several occasions. The most noticeable creation is sneakers. The most famous creation was Sk8 His And Old Skools.

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Do you like the Brand Puma? Some of the outfits you have are probably designed by Hussein Chalayan. He’s the actor behind some of the puma designs. Some of his creations are unique and out of the box. You may not be aware of his designs because he puts more focus into creating designs for  women as of late. One thing for sure is the fact that he is a creative person. In 2007, he took the world by storm with his animatronic dresses. He now works as a creative director for the company. Another top designer who makes the list is Maison Martin Margiel. He is famour for his sneakers, luxury swimwear.

Of all the masterpieces crafted by his hands, the German Army Trainer is one of the most memorable designs. He has worked with some of the leading brands in the fashion industry. He also worked with Kanye West, rapper who is married now to Kim Kardhasian. These people were such big inspirations to all of us. They have inspired an entire wave of the fashion scene. If you are looking for outfits that work for your body, then you should look for items made by some of these top designers.

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