Hair laser is a low-intensity red light treatment that stimulates blood circulation, improves hair quality, and helps prevent hair loss.

The hair treatments to promote the health of hair follicles are a help to get healthier and stronger hair and prevent or ameliorate problems such as excessive hair loss. Hair solutions can range from vitamin supplements, drugs or external stimulation through massages, cosmetics and therapies such as hair laser.

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What hair treatments can improve hair?

To stop hair loss and promote its growth, a previous step before resorting to surgery or hair grafting is plasma or laser hair biostimulation treatments.

The PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) technique
It consists of extracting the patient’s own blood to obtain a preparation with a high concentration of platelets in a small volume of plasma.

  • How does it apply? The enriched plasma is applied by small injections into the scalp to stimulate tissue regeneration in several sessions.

plasma hair treatment
The capillary laser or LLLT (Low-Level Light Therapy)

It is a treatment that applies low-power laser light on depopulated areas to reactivate hair growth. The red light passes through the surface of the skin, acting on the tissues of the scalp. By improving blood circulation, it revitalizes the hair follicles and favours the arrival of oxygen and other nutrients. Besides, it helps eliminate toxins and stimulates hair production.

  • How does it apply? It is applied with a low-intensity laser light device keeping the heat at a distance from the scalp. Each session lasts 20-30 minutes.
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hair laser or low intensity red light treatment for hair growth
What are the advantages of hair laser treatment?

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  • Non-invasive, painless and without side effects

To treat alopecia or androgenetic in its early stages, a first non-intrusive option to assess before resorting to surgery is the capillary laser. It does not require surgical intervention and is painless. This technique can be applied to both men and women and is an alternative for those who do not respond or are not suitable for drug treatments such as minoxidil (stimulates the scalp directly) or finasteride (blocks the progression of baldness ).

  • Single or complementary treatment

The hair laser can be applied in isolation to improve the quality of the hair that still exists and to prevent hair loss. But it is even more recommended as a complement to enhance the effect of other treatments or after a hair graft as it has an anti-inflammatory action and stimulates the transplanted hair.

  • Visible results in several sessions

The laser hair treatment is carried out in several sessions, the results being visible from the third session. Hair loss slows, increases hair density and improves the texture of new hair.

hair treatments for hair loss
Laser hair brushes

An inexpensive option to make at home! If you don’t want to go to an aesthetic clinic, an alternative is to try LED laser brushes. Very easy to use, these brushes allow vibratory massages on the scalp stimulating circulation thanks to the low-intensity infrared heating function.

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Consistency is important to be effective, you must massage constantly, being the ideal time before bed. It is perfect to combine and apply before an anti-hair loss treatment as it will help absorb the nutrients.

Hair laser or red light treatment for hair growth

LED hair regeneration brushes with dual vibrating massage function and gentle infrared heating.

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