Find out all about this hair treatment that repairs damaged hair, deeply hydrates it and prevents frizz.
Botox is known, above all, for its use in aesthetic medicine treatments to reduce wrinkles and fill on the face. But have you heard of hair botox? We tell you what it consists of and what are the benefits of this treatment.

What is hair botox?

capillary botox what is it

The capillary Botox is a treatment based on natural ingredients that strengthen the hair, provides fibre hydration, nourishes and brightness. Although it is known as botox, it does not contain this toxin; But, it is named for its rejuvenating effect on hair.

Specifically, it is a mixture of amino acids, vitamins, proteins, collagen and hyaluronic acid that regenerates and prevents hair ageing.

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How is hair botox applied?

capillary botox, how the treatment is applied

Contrary to botox, we forget about needles. One of the biggest fears of those who hear about this treatment for the first time. Its application is very simple and the results are immediate.

  • The treatment is carried out by professionals in hairdressers, through the following steps:
  • The first thing is to wash your hair with an alkaline shampoo. This is characterized by opening the cuticle.
  • Next, the hair is dried a little to eliminate excess moisture and, when it is still wet, the product is applied with a massage from roots to ends.
  • Leave it to act for 90 minutes, before rinsing with cold water to close the pore.
  • After drying, the treatment is sealed with the iron, because the heat facilitates greater penetration of the product into the hair fibre.
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What are the results and how long will the treatment take?

This treatment is recommended for all types of hair, especially those most damaged. These are the most prominent effects of hair botox:

  • Hydrates hair and deeply nourishes it.
  • Provides shine.
  • Repairs damaged hair and eliminate frizz.
  • It does not damage your hair as it does not contain formal or any type of chemicals. Unlike keratin, botox contains only natural ingredients.

The application time is at least 90 minutes and its effects last for two months. As for the results, these are visible from the first moment. For the results to last longer, experts recommend using a sulfate-free shampoo.

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capillary botox - treatment result