Love your body you live in, doesn’t matter what shape you have. Altough not many people really believe it, This quote it seems to be really true for some people. Don’t just see what’s the catwalk models have, if your body isnt like that then it’s fine! You can still look beautiful no matter what size you’re in.

Then what about curvy girls? Many people still belive that curvy is far from pretty. But it’s actually a wrong statement, because nowadays curvy is considered as the new HOT.

However there are several tips for girl with curvy body to use several type of clothes, today we will give you Curvy Girl Fashion tips.

Curvy Girl Fashion : Asymetrical Dress? Why Not?

Asymetrical dress is a huge trends nowadays, where the dress have an asymetrical skirt. However, this dress mostly use by thin models, which makes it look flatering. But that doesnt mean that curvy girls can’t use this design. Tips for using this dress is to use the short dress one and then combine it with heels or wedge heels. The heels will help make you look taller and therefor skinier and it also help to perfected your posture. Avoid using flat with this dress because it will make you look shorter.

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Curvy Girl Fashion : Tucking Your Shirt is Stylish!

Most people belive that tucking your shirt into your jeans can be considered as not stylish and such. But who know that tucking your shirt can be a great idea for Curvy Girl Fashion tips? You see when the shirt is longer than your upper body it can make you look bigger than you acctually are, also if you are considered as pettite it can also make you look smaller. But when you tucking ut in it will give your hips a curved so that you’ll look skinier. Dont be afraid! Alot of models also tucking in their shirt as well.

Curvy Girl Fashion : Belt with Dress Shape the Hips

One pice dress is really cute right? But many people say that curvy girls should not use one piece dress because it will make them look bigger and shorter. I’ll say that is extremely not true! Curvy girls can look really sexy when they wear one piece dress. The tips for this Curvy Girl Fashion is to choose the one with bellow cest cut or using big belt on the hips. The belt will help creating a curved hips therefor you will look sexier than ever.

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