Gray is the wild colour of the elegant man’s wardrobe. It sweeps in jerseys, pants and coats. Join the grey!

Goes well with … all shades of grey. Keep in mind that dark ones like charcoal will always make you look thinner than light ones like pearl grey, so choose dark tones for the most visible garments (jackets and pants) and very light ones for details. For the most fashionable it is combined perfectly with some green, burgundy or garnet red and of course black.


formal look man gray winter

Go for a charcoal grey jacket (dark) and a pearl grey shirt (light). The tie can be more colourful and striped, combined for example grey and purple, the two fashionable colours. Pants that are suit and the same colour as the jacket. Another option is to choose pants with darts but that is from the same range. The belt should go according to your shoes, so better choose black in both.

The total grey look creates a fresh and elegant image to go to work or to go to a more formal event. To protect yourself from the cold winter and rain, put on a coat with knee-length lapels or a trench coat with pockets in charcoal grey, they are trendy.

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Gray your winter color

If you like to dress informal and more sporty, although always well dressed, you can opt for wide striped sweaters in different shades of grey. If you are daring, bet on contrasts. Choose a dark grey sweater, pants and shoes and add a touch of colour to accessories such as gloves and scarves using bright tones such as apple green or sky blue.

Do you want more ideas?

Next, we show you the versatility of grey to create different styles. Play with accessories and clothes of different textures.

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