Halloween party is celebrated every October 31st as a tradition for people in the USA. Children and teenagers, both boys and girls like wearing scary makeup and scary costumes to do the celebration. They often wear makeup and costume as ghosts or monsters to terrify other people. These ideas may be your inspiration to do makeup for Halloween party. This might be the scariest makeup ideas for you girls, to become the scariest monster among your friends.

Zombie Makeup Idea for Halloween

Scary Halloween Make Up for Girl Zombie

We all know that zombie becomes the scariest creature in this era, because of movies or video games show zombie as disgusting and terrifying monster. Here you need full makeup kit, as foundation, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, and others. You have to accentuate your makeup on your eyes to make it scarier. Add red lipstick on your lips as if you are drinking a lot of blood. Draw teeth on half of your face, color it with your red lipstick and draw several wounds and blood on your face and your neck. You will look pretty terrifying on this Halloween.

Demon Makeup Idea for Halloween

Demon halloween make up idea for girl

Who are not afraid of a demon or a bad devil? It becomes one of the scariest monsters you should be on this Halloween party. Prepare your stuffs well, because everyone will be scared of your face. Put on your foundation as well on your face, wear mascara and wear eye shadow. Make sure that you draw your eye in black eye shadow to make your eyes really dark. Wear bloodshot lipstick as if you wear blood to color them lips. White soft lenses make your appearance perfect to scare people in the party. Complete it with red horns on your forehead.

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Jack Skellington Makeup Idea for Halloween

Jack Skellington make up for halloween party for girl

Jack Skellington is a fictional character made by Tim Burton as a protagonist of The Nightmare Before Christmast movie, but still make you scared, isn’t it? Makeup tutorial for Jack is pretty easy for you, girls. You need to apply foundation first, and all you need is only makeup kit in black. Prepare your black mascara, black eyeshadow, and also black lipstick to wear as Jack Skellington. Apply the makeup on your face as in the picture above. Add several vertical lines to make it more terrifying on your face. Now you’re ready to go on the Halloween party.

That’s all we have for you as the makeup ideas for your Halloween this year. Practice them as well, and frighten all people around you.