Ghost mannequin editing is a widely used photo editing method that is getting more and more popular in the fashion industry. With this type of photo editing, graphic designers create a 3D or hollowman image for the clothing product that look visually attractive and boosts product sale.

Why Ghost Mannequin Editing?

If you are a clothing brand owner, then you must have clothing photography for your apparel products. These photos will be used for promoting your product on your own eCommerce shop, on product catalogs and various other print medias. Old school method of clothing product photography uses a model or just the bare product hanging from a cloth hanger or on a mannequin. While use of model, especially celebrity models can boost your product sale, this is insanely expensive which 99% of the small clothing brans owners cannot afford.

Plain clothing images that are shot on the table, hangers or on mannequins look dull and boring an do not highlight the features of the apparel product. In order to make the fashion products more appealing and to boost product sale, only alternative clothing brand owners have is ghost mannequin editing. This type of fashion photos does not require the use of a model that is expensive but creates an attractive 3D view of the product that creates a visual affect. For budget friendly clothing product photography that is visually attractive yet professional looking, ghost mannequin editing is a must.

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How to Do Ghost Mannequin Editing for Fashion Photos

There are few stages of production and post-production tasks that need to be done to come up with a professional ghost mannequin editing. Professional or commercial product photographers will first need to shoot the clothing photos on a mannequin. 2 different photos are taken at this stage. One is the full product image and other is the inner tag or brand logo image. Once the photoshoots are done, the images then sent to a professional photo editing services company to get the ghost mannequin editing done.

Professional photoshop experts at this stage use their photoshop program to edit the images. First, they cut the clothing product from the mannequin using photoshop clipping path. The use of clipping path is to isolate the clothing item from the mannequin. Photoshop experts also isolate the inner tag from the photo which will be stitched and blended in using photo retouching method to create the ghost mannequin image affect.

The entire image editing process is time consuming and takes an expert to keep an eye for the details while doing the editing. But once done, it produces the most attractive ghost mannequin photography that not only looks good on the product website but boosts product sale.

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