Cowboy Hairstyles. Who doesn’t want their hair to have cowboy hairstyles especially for those who love to watch legend and epic movies such as the Wild Wild West?

Everybody surely does love this movie with all its characters, plots, background, and many other aspects. However, there is something noticeable from this movie which is the cowboy hairstyles.

Yes, this kind of hairstyle has been used on many occasions especially in the making of cowboy movies.

What makes these hairstyles different from other hairstyles is the vintage look that this hairstyle offers us as one of the privileges that we get from having our hair cut by following this style. In here we are going to give a bit review on how to get our look more similar to cowboy’s look which is by adapting the hairstyles.

Cowboy Hairstyles for Long Hair

The very first thing that we must know about these cowboy hairstyles is, there are many variations of them. It may vary from short hairstyles to long hairstyles which highly depend on our taste.  

The first kind of this style that we are going to thoroughly discuss is the long cowboy hairstyles. This kind of hairstyles is usually being used by the villain in cowboy movies where they have long slick hair which is covered by their cowboy hat.

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I remind you that long in here means that the hair should have a length from your head to your shoulder. Having long hair does not instantly turn us into a cowboy whereas we need to give it a bit of modification which is for example by applying a hair gel to our hair so that it looks really slick.

The next thing that we should really need to consider is the way we comb our hair where it should be from the front side of our hair to the backside of our hair.

Having our hair long and slick which is also accompanied by additional attributes such as the cowboy hat will make us successfully applied cowboy hairstyles into our hair.

Cowboy Haircut for Short Hair

The second variation of these cowboy haircuts is the short hairstyles. Most of the heroes in the cowboy movies did have this kind of cut which is maybe to make their movement far easier when they have to face their villains. We can simply get this haircut by cutting our hair really short or almost bald.

This haircut is not as popular as the long cowboy haircuts but it is still applicable if we want to get that cowboy look with our own taste.

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