Get to Know More of Jackie Kennedy Fashion

Jackie Kennedy was such an icon. If you want to know more about Jackie Kennedy fashion, you will find out soon. Her fashion sense was impeccable. It went public thanks to her marriage to Jack Kennedy. After the election of her husband, she rose to fame.

The general public really loved her persona, the way she dressed. Basically, people adored her sense of style. There were many trends that became popular because she sported them in many public appearances. Here are some of the most memorable outfits she ever wore.

Jackie Kennedy fashion pictures

The first one was her inauguration outfit. At that time, she sported a fawn-colored woolen coat. She wore it with a pillbox. At one point in her life, she ever wore a red dress and it instantly caused uproar and became a new favorite.

What she emphasized in her fashion was how to wear outfits with elegance and grace. She was and still is a true fashion icon. There are many things that just can not be forgotten. Oleg Cassini was the one behind her impeccable taste in fashion. Cassini was her private designer who helped her dress the way she was.

Some of the wardrobe staples were getting broad recognition. People willingly copied and wore them for themselves. Trapeze coats and pillbox hats were two of many iconic fashion outfits she introduced to the public. She also liked jewelry and a-line dresses so much. These trends are still hot these days.

They appear on fashion runways all the time. They have become staples, so they will unlikely fall out of style.

Jackie Kennedy fashion 1960s

Do you have a clue why her fashion sense struck a chord with people? It was probably because she was never overdramatic with her outfits. She wore them stunningly but still easy to copy.

It’s like every woman who wanted to could pull off any of those styles. It is in contrast to some fashion statements from the 50s. Some of them require expensive materials. Tight waists and circle skirts are two popular trends from that decade.

When someone tries to popularize an outfit made from expensive fabric, it will be harder to cater to all social classes. Jackie Kennedy was a master when it comes to wearing an outfit that looks graceful yet easy to imitate.

She was also known to be very polite like she always wore different outfits when visiting foreign countries to respect the people. Her respect for other cultures is another reason why people love her so much. For example, she showed up in India wearing an ensemble that looked more conservative.


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