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Get Ready for Winter with Oversized Concept



Get Ready for Winter with Oversized ConceptIn every year, it is certain that there is a trending fashion item applied for winter season. The same idea is also applied in 2012/2013 winter which is known to being up oversized concept.

The idea of oversized clothes is surely the one that you are already familiar with. Even so, in this winter, there are some points that you should know to get a better fashionable look.

For example, there are some types of oversized fashion items, which are more suitable for this year winter, such as structured skirts, cocoon coats, and also trousers with wallowing style. Of course, you have to make sure that you have most or even all of those fashion items in your closet for winter.

For the colors applied in the oversized concept, of course, there are some colors in this year. The colors can actually be divided into two different categories. The first category of color is the soft one. In this category, there are some colors can be found. There is some light variety of brown, including beige, desert sand, tan, and also wheat, broken white color, and also some variety of peach. Besides, some pastel colors are also included in this category.

The next category of color used in this fashion concept for winter can be said to be a darker one. Some trending colors in this category are black, brown, some dark blue colors, and some grey colors. Combining some variety of trending oversized fashion items stated earlier with these colors will make your winter style to be fantastic.

Other thing that you have to know about this oversized concept for winter is that there are actually some ways suggested for you in choosing the oversized fashion items, after considering their types and also colors of course. You can make the fashion items to look prominent if you know about which part of them that you should emphasize more.

The part can be overall, the arm, or even the shoulder. Emphasizing your winter outfit on its shoulder part will make you look even prominent if you want to know. Other thing that this might be related more the material that should be chosen for the concept. Of course, the material will be the one that often used for winter clothing, including wool and also leather. So what do you think about this kind of concept? Try it and be beautiful during all time of winter this year.

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5 party looks to shine at Christmas | Christmas looks




Glitter-glitter and sequins never fail in Christmas looks. We give you different proposals to combine these trends and be the queen of the party.

Who doesn’t like brilli-brilli? Christmas dates are the perfect excuse to wear spectacular garments with sequins.

Sequin dress

A dress is a sure hit for these parties; and, if it is sequined, even more so. There are all styles: long, short, coloured, black … Choose the one that best suits your style and shines with its own light at any event or Christmas celebration.

Brilli-brilli pants

Contrary to the previous style, here the protagonists are the pants. Christmas is perfect to show off these types of outfits that we don’t wear the rest of the year. Also, with these ideas, you will achieve the perfect look.

Brilli-brilli skirt

Another option is to get a glitter skirt. You can combine it with a lingerie top and a blazer to make a celebration look.
The masculine cut blazers give an elegant and sexy touch to any style.

For a more formal occasion, like a lunch or dinner with family, you’ll combine a brilli-brilli skirt with a sweater.
You will be surprised how good it looks!


The monkeys are ideal for any occasion. They allow you to be elegant and comfortable at the same time. This year they also join the glitter trend.

Sequin top

If you are looking for a simple look that you can use on more occasions. We suggest you choose some black skinny jeans, like these, and combine them with a sequin top. You can add a coat and black heels to the outfit.
As for accessories, the maxi earrings are once again crowned as the star accessory in party looks. Fringes, pearls, diamonds, gold … There are many spectacular and ‘low cost’ options to choose from.

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6 trendy colors for your fall wardrobe | colours of Autumn



Discover the star colours of autumn(fall wardrobe) that cannot be missing in your seasonal wardrobe. Learn to combine them!

With the beginning of autumn, new trends arrive, the wardrobe is renewed and bright colours are replaced by more sober tones. Black and white are two staples that never fail, but what do they combine within autumn?

6 trendy colours for your fall wardrobe


brown autumn colors

The colour gamut:  Earth colours triumph in autumn, from chocolate brown to beige.
The tone is more autumnal … CMEA l
What do I combine it with? Camel looks great paired with neutral tones like dark grey, black or navy, maroon or coffee. Give light to the whole with white, sand and gold.


fashion gray autumn colors

Colour range: In its lightest version, pearl, to the darkest grey almost black.
The most autumnal shade is … Charcoal grey.
What do I combine it with? Dark grey goes great with everyone, it’s the new black. In autumn wear it with pearl grey, white, aubergine, green, pale pink, salmon and silver details.


fashion red autumn colors

The colour range: From the pinkish version (more romantic), through orange and passion red to the eggplant.
The most autumnal shade is … Garnet or burgundy.
What do I combine it with? Burgundy goes great with camel and grey.


fashion green autumn colors

The colour gamut: Purples from mauve through violin to the strongest aubergine.
The most autumnal shade is … Purple
What do I combine it with? You will be right if you combine purple with neutral tones such as black or grey. Add the touch with metallic details or deep electric blue, lime green or lilac.


fashion green autumn colors

The colour range: From emerald green to olive green or camouflage.
The most autumnal shade is … bottle green
What do I combine it with? Bottle green looks great with light grey, other shades of green, and sand tones.


fashion colors autumn blue

The colour gamut: From pale greyish-blue through vibrant electric or Klein blue to dark navy.
The most autumnal shade is … Petrol blue
What do I combine it with? Black, grey, lilac or purple.

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