From Tortuguero National Park to Puerto Viejo de Limón, the Caribbean Beaches. Routes through Costa Rica in a 4 × 4

To get here from the Tortuguero National Park, and as a reference from Guapiles to Limón on Highway 32 it is 95 kilometers and from Puerto Limón to Puerto Viejo, it is a little more than 50 kilometers, in total it will take approximately 2 hours to arrive and 30 minutes, no less. You will love the atmosphere on the beaches of Puerto Viejo, it is very relaxed.

There is a succession of beaches since you passed Limón that are very worthwhile, they all have their peculiarities, although the one I liked the most was Playa de Cocles. It is an area of ​​great extension and quite wide, in front of the Pirriplí point, there is an islet (of the same name). On its beach you have a stand dedicated to renting surfboards, you can take advantage of them to give you initiation classes, the hour costs $ 60. There are also several places to rent bicycles (people in this area move a lot by bicycle).

Town of Puerto Viejo

The town of Puerto Viejo de Limon is full of life (walking from Playa de Cocles is approximately 2 kilometers), it has some good restaurants with a lounge area, the main street is full of stalls, some bars have their terrace facing the sea and it has a wide range of cabins for smaller budgets. As for supermarkets, you have one in the town and another 800 meters past Cocles beach, the prices are very similar.

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The beaches that you can visit during the day and that there are no more than 5 kilometers between them are Manzanillo Beach (this beach extends to Punta Uva, it is good enough for walks and in the town, there are several establishments for rent of surf and diving equipment, like Playa de Cocles, it has quite a few palm trees); The Playa Blanca is part of the Parque Nacional Cahuita (this park is quite “collected”, it covers an area of 10 square kilometers with a tropical and full of coconut palms vegetation. Admission is free, but you need to donate, is open from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If you want to do a route, start at Kelly Creek to Puerto Vargas ) and from here you can get to Puerto Vargas (2 kilometers).

Negra Beach

La Negra Beach is north of the town of Cahuita (this town has an authentic Caribbean atmosphere among the population and there are several Afro - Caribbean), it has calmer waves than Playa Blanca; the Playa Mona, to access it you have to walk about 5 kilómentos from Playa Vizcaya, sand is gray and full of coconut trees.

Another option is to go back to Limón and go up to Playa Bonita (it is 5 kilometers north of Limón city and 65 kilometers from Puerto Viejo), it has quite strong waves so it is ideal for surfing. It is quite beautiful and is full of coconut trees. All these beaches are characterized by having abundant vegetation, so it is great since the sun beats down quite hard and they are a relief 🙂 This area is for you to stay for a couple of days, maximum three, to gather strength for your next destination, in our case, towards the Central Valley - Bajos del Toro.

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