Four Belts Every Woman Should Own. When first invented, belts are worn to help hold pants in place. And through the centuries, belts have been through many transformations as an essential piece of clothing. For women, today’s belts are not just about functions, but also aesthetics. It can keep one-size-too-big pants in place and help accessorize a look. So, here are four belts that every woman should own.

The Classic

As the one we look for when we want to tighten our pants, the classic belt is more functional as it is aesthetical. For such belt, you’ll want to keep it as simple and comfortable as possible. Opt for belts in neutral color, made of quality leather, not thicker than 4cm, and lastly, has a classic-styled buckle.

 The Wide

We have seen the wide belt making an appearance from the runways to the streets in the last few years. This type of belt is very useful to turn a shapeless outfit into an enviable silhouette. Although it can be worn over a dress or a blouse, not all body shapes look great in it. Avoid the wide belt if you have a very small tummy as it can make it appear smaller.

The Skinny

This less-than-1-inch belt is one of the most favorites in the fashion world. The skinny belt adds an elegant touch to any outfit and flatters shorter petite women best. It can look slightly disproportionate on larger women, but can be tricked by wearing it over a cardigan. Combine patterned skinny belt with a solid-colored dress, or a bold colored one with a neutral-colored outfit for a modern look.

The Tied

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The tied belt is for those days when you want to look sweet and flirty. A tie, a scarf, a long piece of ribbon can be used as a tied belt. It is a great way to accessorize your simple summer dress.