Footwear tips for kids: Parents always want the best for their children, being in comfortable shoes for their little ones to take their first steps. Besides, we know that having the latest in children‘s shoes is a strategy of the large retailers in the market because it is now common for parents to make purchases for themselves and their children.

As we know, summer is a time of year when it is very hot in most of the areas. As it is a season full of vibrant colors, it brings an air of joy and optimism. Summer 2021 won’t be different.

Colors inspired by nature and all the beauty it offers. If you like to stay tuned to the news that children’s fashion brings. We bring the best footwear launches for your children.

Footwear tips for kids

Slippers, sandals, and children’s flat shoes with cartoon characters are the biggest hit among children, as they attract attention by bringing prints that they like to follow on TV.

Our children’s summer line is emblazoned with Spiderman, Youtuber Luccas Neto, Disney characters, Barbie, and much more for your child’s play to be much more fun during this time of year! But, if you’re still thinking about your child’s safety during play and also keeping their look up to date, check out the models we’ve selected below to keep the play fun, comfortable, and stylish.

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Children’s shoe

Because of the comfort, the shoe brings the feeling of bare feet for children at home. Besides, children’s shoes can also be used on other occasions: in the pool, park or even on the beach! To choose the best one, in addition to the design, consider the anatomical characteristics and occasion of use. The models of fabric with rubberized soles are more recommended for the little princesses since they help in the first steps. Its details follow the current trends, such as animal print, floral, and stripes. The theme of the characters most loved by the little ones, among others. All this for your girl to walk, literally, always in fashion!

Children’s Slipper

There is nothing better than being a child and, besides, being comfortable, isn’t it? The best thing about slippers is that no matter when - they always leave their feet at ease. That is very important for little ones. What are you waiting for to buy a slipper for your children to enjoy the best of the summer?

Children’s Sandals

These shoes are extremely essential for children. Because their models are comfortable and guarantee the necessary safety for the child’s daily activities. We have sandals with differentiated soles, colors, and laces all to attract attention in the visual and make a difference without much effort.

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