Building an online presence should be your first goal before monetizing your social media accounts and blogging sites. Make sure that you are churning out original content consistently. Moreover, quality is more important than quantity – although people online tend to focus on the latter. Only after creating a platform and publishing engaging content, can you establish public relations to start earning online.

Build Networks and Bag Sponsorships

One of the most efficient ways of making money online is by reaching out to brands for sponsorships and endorsements. Start with smaller, local businesses that are just starting out. Create a good balance between customers and sellers to create a micro-influencer hub online. 

Discuss, convince and create a pro-fashion atmosphere in your online community where people are willing to spend their time and energy to learn more about your sub-niche. Once you’ve established good PR with smaller companies, reach out to brands, instead of waiting for them to work with you. Pitch your editorial and photography ideas that conform to the desired brand’s image. Only then the huge conglomerates will be willing to work with you and the audience shall also be more receptive to the upgrades.

Display Advertisements on Your Site 

One of the best ways of making money online is by running ads on your website. That is why it is important that you maintain a blog and preferably design one instead of using the conventional Wix and WordPress sites. That way you will be more in control of the site’s navigation and banner placement. Consistency is key since that would help generate more traffic and click-through revenue. Through websites, you can also conveniently inter-link several webpages, social media posts, and links to the shopping sites of the brands you are working with.   

Give a Shot to Affiliate Marketing

Seasoned fashion bloggers rank affiliate marketing as the least beneficial tool for generating income online. Through affiliate marketing, you keep a small percentage of the price of the product – only if it is sold through a unique access code provided through your online platform. Most fashion bloggers and content creators promote products or clothing articles from the brands they are associated with through affiliate marketing. But it requires a great amount of skill and persuasion to sell products that you are endorsing. 

Thus, you have to curate your online presence in a manner that comes off as trustworthy. This also means that the brand you are endorsing should have a strong public image and is inclusive. It is also imperative that your online image is respected.  

Active Engagement is better Than the number of Followers

Fashionistas fall into the trap of increasing followers, instead of putting out credible and useful content. But brand endorsements give more credit to the comments and likes your post gets instead of the total number of followers. This means a higher comment to follower ratio means that you have amassed an audience that is more active and interested in what you post. It increases your credibility and makes your online presence more influential. Thus, generating traffic to your blogging site and using social media as an accessory tool is more beneficial than the other way round. Many fashion influencers have a limited number of followers, but they still end up generating a good amount of income through brand deals – since they have successfully generated an online community based on shared interest, instead of just passive followers.

Keep up with the Trends, Seasonal Variations, and Be Creative!

To stay relevant and for creating potentially viral content, fashion enthusiasts are expected to keep setting trends. A common trick content creators use is that they stick to a plan. Thus, publishing content about fall, autumn, or summer season fashion well ahead of its time gets more likes and engagement – as opposed to posting just a couple of days before. This also applies to known public holidays or events like Coachella fashion inspiration or Halloween outfit ideas. People are always looking for innovative ideas each year. That is why original content creators see a steady spike in their careers by generating active followers who are keen on learning from them. This takes time and patience, in addition to your passion for fashion. Thus, keep learning and creating a more refined sense of fashion!  

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