Other designers want to sell you a dress; Jacobs wants to mess with your head” – The Guardian Flash runway show of Marc Jacobs, is said to be the gravitational centre of NY Fashion Week. 45 Outfits, made by a team consisted hundreds people with millions dollar budget, are paraded in no more no less, 5 minutes.

Began on 8 pm sharp, the 45 models stomped down the runway and Jacobs bowed on 8.05 pm. The flashy and striking show describes the concept of the collection which said to be “…brutal. Just sex appeal and strength, with no romance and no emotion” by Jacobs.

Animal printed and thick stripes patterned dresses, coats, skirts and sweaters stamped to the model and recite the concept out loud. Fast forward technique used in the show succeed on making every eyes watch closely at the collection without even a second to take some notes on them. The technique is pretty much alike to the one created (and used) by Christian Dior in 40’s which swap the traditional runway parade into fast forwarded brisker step.

Strong attire of 60’s can be touched from the make up the models are wearing and in some of the design. Even so, Jacob denied the influence for the design and clarify that it is only the make-up that use Sedgwick as reference. Strips T-shirt and boxy dresses in the collection strip the last session parade’s aesthetics which was bring more nostalgic, eccentric and artistic.

Instead of back to the conventional show concept, Jacob plans to beat the recent speed record.”My ideal is to have the show over before you’ve even sat down” he said. If you are about to blurt, then said it aloud. As for Marc Jacobs, fashion can be a perfect weapon to launch an ‘attack’.

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