Those who wear prescription glasses can also look stylish by wearing fashion reading glasses. Glasses were never used they way they are used today. It was actually all about functionality. People wore glasses because they needed them to read texts they could no longer read. But everything has changed since then. Even those who do not have a problem with their eyes also collect glasses. These items have turned into fashion statement pieces. If you feel lack of confidence due to how your face looks, a pair of glasses may be able to hide the flaws on your face and make you feel better.

high fashion reading glasses

There are countless designs of eyewear sold in stores. You should choose a high fashion design that suits your style best. Choose a suitable frame because it is the most integral part of glasses. First, take into consideration the face shape. It turns out that certain glasses look better on certain face shapes. People have varying face shapes. If you want to wear cats eyeglasses, then they should be a little wider than your jaw line. Do you have an oval face?

You’re lucky if you have this face shape because most glasses fit it. If your face tends to be square, soft edge glasses will help smooth out your strong jaw line. When it comes to colors, all colors are good. However, the selection of a color should be suited to the eye color. If you have typical brown eyes, tortoiseshell will make a great pairing. This one also works well for hazel eyes. Do you color your hair? Auburn or red hair can give you strong presence.

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mens fashion reading glasses

Choosing glasses for men and women is nearly identical. If you are a guy and wants a new pair of glasses, first understand your facial features. They will give you a hint of what kind of glasses that comes off as flattering. Choose a nice frame. A dark frame is very fitting for black hair. If your hair is naturally dark, choose a frame with the same color or totally in contrast. It’s okay to add contrast to your appearance. For example, a blue frame is nice for summer.

Blonde also has summer vibes attached to it. Reading glasses are becoming very stylish today. There is no need to compromise style when there are plenty of gorgeous styles in stores. Do you know that exposure to UV rays can cause problems to the eye? Now there are glasses that can block UV rays. If you need this kind of protection, then go get those glasses. Also, they come in various colors of lenses. Colorless lenses are the most popular ones, but you can try colored ones.