We propose 6 fashionable looks and some tips to be comfortable and simple, without losing style.

Back to class! For a youthful and carefree look, we propose several key garments to combine the different days of the week: sports dresses and skirts with sweatshirts, shirts, crop tops, shirts, comfortable shoes such as sneakers, ankle boots and biker boots. And of course … the backpack! Which becomes an indispensable complement to carry your books, notebooks and cases.

Fashion looks to go to class

The Asos fashion store offers us 6 looks to go to class with a skirt, sports dress, dungarees or pinafore.

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Skirt + sweatshirt. A short pleated skirt with sweatshirt, shoes and backpack.

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Skirt + denim jacket. For cooler days add a denim jacket to the look and if you want to be more comfortable, change shoes for sneakers.

look go to class

Plaid skirt + shirt. A fitted skirt with a basic shirt and an open plaid shirt, wear it with ankle boots.

look go to class

Midi skirt + top. Combine high-waisted knee-length midi skirt with a wide crop top. On the feet platform and high-heeled sandals.

look school go to class

Breastplate. For a rocker look, go for the blackest jeans like this look with bib, T-shirt and biker boots.

looks fashion go to class

Pichi. Combine your jumper with a long-sleeved shirt and rubber ankle boots for rainy days.

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To complete the look also …

pigtail hairstylesHairstyles to go to class

Before going to class we usually walk with just enough time, so the most practical thing is to bet on easy and quick hairstyles to do. Dare to go to class differently every day of the week with a new look with semi-updos, bows and braided pigtails.

makeup glassesManicure to go to class

Dazzle with a special manicure of pencils, notebooks, blackboards, letters and numbers … With coloured polishes and a brush, create your nail design to be student 10 in subjects and style!

Natural makeupNatural makeup

If you don’t want to go to class with your face washed, you can apply a makeup base that matches your skin tone over the moisturizing cream and add strategic touches of makeup, very natural, almost imperceptible, such as giving a little blush on the cheekbones outline the upper lash line, apply a lip gloss …

And if you wear glasses to read or see the blackboard …

glasses frameGlasses frame shape according to your face.
Do you know which model of glasses suits you? Look at yourself in the mirror and notice the shape of your face. Plus, there are little tricks to draw attention away from your flaws like a prominent nose. We tell you.
makeup glassesStrategic makeup
In addition to choosing an appropriate model of glasses for your face, strategic makeup can help you get the most out of your glasses. They give you an interesting air that with the right makeup translates into an image … super sexy!

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