Hipster fashion was first introduced in 1940s, and now it is followed by many people. Hipsters love to be different and unique among other fashions, they look like to wear unique outfits in their activities. Some famous celebrities who follow hipster fashion are Justin Bieber, Lucy Hale, Chris Brown, and more.

The first thing we notice about hipsters is that they wear big glasses. It seems like they want to show how nerd they are with the glasses. Hipster fashion glasses can be defined as the main characteristic of hipster fashion.

hipster-guy-fashion style

Hipster is used to describe nowadays teenagers who want to look different and anti-mainstream. They don’t like wear clothes that have similar style as other people. Hipsters usually listen to indie music where few people like it, they like wearing clothes from unpopular brands, and they often have interesting style to look at.

As we know that hipster like wearing different style, they also wear different kind of glasses. Hipsters love wearing glasses with big frames to make them different but still stylish. Hipsters who have normal eyesight also wear glasses for fashion needs and they just remove the lens or they wear normal glasses instead. The fashion glasses worn by hipsters are usually shutter shades glasses, big plastic frame glasses, Buddy Holly, and original Ray Ban Wayfarers.

Shutter shades glasses hipster fashion
Hipster fashion accessory Buddy-Holly glasses

Shutter shades glasses were first worn by a famous rapper, Kanye West, who like to give controversial statements in front of media with his unique and different style. After that, shutter shades become popular among teenagers who like to wear weird accessories. Besides that, the most favorite glasses among hipsters are glasses with big frames made of plastic. As we see in the fashion for hipsters today, teenagers love wearing big glasses to maximize their hipster style.

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Two public figures who brought up the hipster fashion glasses are great musicians, Buddy Holly and John Lennon. Buddy Holly was well-known with his glasses with thick and black frames, and John Lennon was popular with glasses with thick optic and point lens. Those celebrities gave contribution in hipster world as fashion trendsetter.

Buddy Holly hipster style glasses

If hipsters have enough money, they will afford this original Ray Ban Wayfarers. This label is pretty popular among hipsters who are collecting glasses. The lens of Wayfarer glasses collections are usually in rainbow colors, so people who look at us won’t see our eyes directly as they are covered by the lens of Ray Ban Wayfarers glasses.

Hipster fashion is different and unique, especially for hipster fashion glasses. You can be part of hipster fashion as long as you are not afraid to try something new and different form others.