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Fashion bug online store Plus Dress Collections



Fashion bug online store

(Fashion Bug Online store)Love your body no matter what. This campaign is probably growing bigger and bigger each year; the drive to make a woman love no matter what bodies they live in and no matter what skin they have, is excellent to boost a woman’s confidence. We can see it from how many plus-size clothing lines have been growing more and more popular each year.

One of the most famous plus-size clothing lines that have been around for quite a long time is Lane Bryant. Lane Bryant has several clothing branches such as Catherine and, of course, the infamous Fashion Bug Online store.

Today we will talk about the extraordinary collections of the Fashion Bug Online store.

Fashion Bug Online store Collection: Tops

Fashion Bug Online stores can be considered quite complete and varied in offering their collections. For the tops themselves, they are offering not only shirts or tank tops for plus-size models but also sweaters, shawls, old school tee, tunic dresses, cardigans, button shorts, and many more. One of their collections that might catch your attention is their knit top collections. You see, most knit tops are usually looking straight and old school.

Fashion Bug Online store Collection: Tops

But their knit collections, despite being quite simple, but manage to have a quite futuristic look. They achieve this futuristic look by using several shades of colors in their sweater or knit pullover. For a knit cardigan, they give the modern touch by using an asymmetric cut to make the others look smaller and fitter.

Fashion Bug Collection: Dresses

Tops aren’t the only thing Fashion Bug Online offering for their customer, their collections of dresses also deserve attention. They aren’t only offering dresses for formal occasions such as evening dresses, but also wear-to-work dresses, which is an excellent choice for a semi-formal look. Their Evening dresses are collection sit self can also consider quite stunning, but not too glamour it can be regarded as relatively simple and a little bit casual.

Fashion Bug Collection: Dresses

Their collections are mainly jacket dresses or one-piece dresses with no sleeves. One of their groups, the float on air dress, is quite stunning. It is made out of thin fabric that looks floating when someone walks on it.

Fashion Bug Collection: Bottoms

After talking about the top and dresses, it won’t be complete if we didn’t talk about Fashion Bug Online’s bottom collections. For the base, Fashion Bug Online provides not only trousers but also jeans, leggings, slimmer, and skirts.

Fashion Bug Collection: Bottoms

You need to see here that it is great that they are also providing jeans and leggings for plus-size women. Because these two items are quite hard to look for out there.

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