Now when everybody is welcoming fall season, it is the right time for you to prepare what fashion items you should keep in your closet in order to look fashionable during the cold weather.

Thankfully, some trend alerts has been aired so you can simply follow these to get the look. An example of fashion item included in the fall season trend alert is overalls. Well, this is not actually a new fashion item since it is a classic one.

For this year, this item begun to gain its fame again when in the last spring more and more stylish girls, including famous celebrities, start to wear these. This is definitely the reason why these are famous again right now. The best thing is wearing this can definitely make you feel comfortable during the cold fall weather while at the same time you can also look up-to-date.

The fact about this fall season trend alert seems to be even more interesting because there are so many ways can be chosen in wearing these pair of overalls. For example, you can steal the style of Alessandra Ambrosio in wearing this fashion item.

She looked simply stunning when she was spotted wearing overalls on top of a sleeveless white girly tee that is paired perfectly with a white cross bag and a cute pair of leopard print sneakers. Another detail which is also stunning in this style is that she also rolled up the lower parts of the overalls. Besides, there are also some ripped details found in these pairs of trending fashion item.

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Next, there is Emma Watson who can also be taken as source of inspiration in following this fall season fashion alert. If the previous example looks rather casual, this one looks a bit different because a more modest style is offered here. The type of overalls she wore is simple and body-fit overalls in black which is completed with side zipper. Instead of simple white tee, the combination given under these overalls is white shirt with long sleeves.

This is the reason why her style is called to be more modest. For the accessories to be combined with this style, it is too bad that she was only spotted wearing a pair of leather sneakers when wearing the overalls. This may sound very simple but the fact is it is more than enough to make her looked so stunning. Therefore, you should definitely give this a try.