Face masks have come to stay and, until there is a vaccine, they are essential in our day to day. Plain, patterned, designer, ‘low cost’ … choose the one you want but, above all, wear it.

No expert in trends could foresee it but, masks have been imposed (and never better said) as the true star accessory of 2020. For months, their use is mandatory in public spaces and the World Health Organization recommends them to a global level as a protection measure against Covid-19.

In this context, it is not surprising that countless fashion firms have launched their own reusable masks; And it is that what at first was a support measure (in many cases altruistic) to the overwhelmed health system, has now become a real business for luxury houses and ‘low cost’ brands of the textile industry, which damaged came out of quarantine.
According to data from the latest Lyst report, global demand for masks from fashion brands has increased by 441% quarter-on-quarter and some designs, such as the (hyper-seen and sold-out) Off-White arrows, stand as true objects of desire among the ‘insiders’. The message from the sector seems to be clear: since we are going to have to carry them, let’s do it in style.

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However, beyond the aesthetic part, as buyers, we have the obligation to be thorough when choosing our masks to buy really efficient products against the virus. The most important? That they comply with the regulations and that their instructions clearly specify their properties: bacterial filtration capacity, number of washes (and, sometimes, dried) that it resists, and the material with which the fabric has been manufactured.

Besides, we must bear in mind that there is a great variety of models and that, probably, the price will vary a lot from one to another. The cheapest ones are usually masks or simple covers, which solve the ‘fashion’ question wonderfully but must be accompanied by filters, surgical masks, or FPP2 to guarantee their effectiveness. On the opposite side of the scale are the most sophisticated designs, with protection characteristics similar to those sold in pharmacies and an important ecological advantage, since being reusable they stop the waste generated by disposable masks.