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Dress Like Neymar Jr With NJR Clothing Collection



Neymar Jr

(Neymar Jr)A question for those who don’t know this NJR clothing collection: Who doesn’t know Neymar Jr? I guess everyone even a non-soccer fan will recognize this name immediately. Yes, this is one of the most phenomenal soccer players in the 21trh century that currently plays in Barcelona as a striker and also plays a leading role in the Brazil National Team. What makes him famous is not merely because of his skills and techniques on the field but also his style.

He has his own style that makes him stay different and cool/ Thai is why he started to open his own clothing line which is named NJR clothing collection. In making this clothing line, NeymarJr has a partnership with an apparel manufacturer in Brazil which is the Rock & Soda. Fortunately in here, we are going to give a brief review about the NJR clothing collection so that we can know either we should get this cloth or vice versa.

What Neymar Jr Offers in His Clothing Line

Basically, the main purpose of this clothing line is to aim the teens as the main buyers of this collection. This NJR clothing collection is mostly concentrated on some type of clothes such as jackets, shirts, and pants. The pants themselves consist of the short pants and the long pants where both of them come in many variations of colors and patterns that really suit the young male teen’s style in this era.

We can see from one of the pictures that the short pant that has been launched by NJR clothing collection has a blue color and knee as its length’s limit.  It also has a darker color on the bottom side of the pants that makes them cooler when we wear them. The jacket which has been shown in the picture does also looks really good. With black as its main color, it prefect fits with the nowadays trend.

Neymar’s Choice

Neymar himself participated in the choice of every detail on the NJR clothing collection whether it is the colors or the patterns. Well, although Neymar is not a fashion designer in the first place he does have some styles that have become a world’s trending since he is a stylish man.

Accompanied with his fame in the soccer world will supposedly make his clothes gain reputation in no time. Therefore, the NJR clothing collection though its production is still mainly concentrated in Brazil will supposedly expand its business into other countries.

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