Who doesn’t remember about the good old days when 80s punk fashion dominated the fashion’s industries at that? It is the time at which people used to wear a leather jacket with tattoos all over their body and also a Mohawk hair.

Yes, with all of those unusual clothes from toe to hairs were the stuffs that people love to wear in that time. This kind of punk fashion actually was initiated with the emergence of metal and rock bands that most of those bands used those punk clothes when they were performing on stage. Therefore, it was not uncommon at that time to wear all of 80s punk fashion since most of the singers and celebrities wore that too. For some of us who are really willing to know more about this unique fashion, have no worries, because in here we are going to give you all a brief review about this fashion.

Punk’s Jackets and Pants

Before going any further, need I remind you all that in here we are going to talk about the 80s punk fashion without explaining the other punk’s styles such as the colored hairs or tattoos. So the first kind of clothes that is one of 80s punk fashion is the leather jacket.

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Well, actually it is not always have to be leather jacket, denim jacket can also be worn. This jacket accompanied with plaid pants for men and plaid miniskirts for women will make us worth to be classified as a person that has a punk’s style. Another pants that were usually worn as a part of 80s punk fashion are denim jeans and ripped 80s tees. All of those pants can surely make us look like a badass punk which is the main purpose of adapting this fashion for our clothes.

Additional Accessories

The second stuff in the 80s punk fashion that was very popular at that time is the additional accessories that successfully strengthen the uniqueness of the fashion. The first additional accessory is the studded belt.

People worn this accessory along with the shirts and pants that have been mentioned above. The second accessory is the studded wristband. Also, this kind of accessory perfectly fits with the punk’s clothes. The last accessory is the studied collar. This very unique accessory is actually one of the most unusual kind of accessories that can be worn in the public but that’s what makes it get more badass-look. In conclusion, using 80s punk fashion will clearly make us look different and at the same time it also make us look like a real badass.

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