Come here, tell me: do you have a habit of cleaning your scalp? By the way, do you know why this is so important and can make a lot of difference in the health of the hair? If your answer was no, it is still here that I tell you everything.

Benefits of using shampoo

The shampoo is a hair care product, typically in the form of a viscous liquid that is used for cleaning hair.  The shampoo is used by applying it to wet hair, massaging the product into the scalp, and then rinsing it out. However, the ingredients in shampoos are manufactured to be gentler on the hair and protect the outer layer of the hair from damage. The shampoo also treats different types of hair problems, for example, hair fall crusty scalp dandruff, etc. There are many products for crusty scalp shampoo.

Crusty scalp

The crusty scalp is common. These small white particles not only cause discomfort but can also indicate serious disorders in the body. Especially unpleasant is the white or yellow crust on the head of an adult, which appears as a result of neglect of the disease. All of the above factors are favorable for the main cause of a crust on the scalp in adults - increased activity of a pathogenic fungus. It is present on the head of every person and is part of the microflora of the skin. In a healthy body, the fungus does not manifest itself in any way, but under the influence of the listed circumstances, it begins its vigorous activity.

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Seborrheic crusts on the head are inflammatory diseases. 

It is caused by a fungus that naturally exfoliates the upper layers of the skin. At the first symptoms of the manifestation of the disease, the skin itches. After that, small reddish spots appear on the head, which peels off. A crust forms on the scalp from dead cells of the epidermis.

It can be easily detached, or firmly adhered to the skin. In the latter case, its separation is associated with painful sensations, moreover, it can cause the formation of wounds and even abscesses. If you do not take any measures, the itching intensifies, and the person notices that the head is covered with well-defined crust.

Here is one of the best solution for crusty scalp

Shampoo your hair with our crusty scalp shampoo

Sometimes it is a challenge to get a good product and more so when there are so many options on the market. That is why our zincplex crusty scalp shampoo is the one with which we can observe an improvement quickly and at the same time it is gentle with our scalp.

In the market, it is possible to find a wide variety of products that perfectly adapt to our needs and requirements: special shampoos for the crusty scalp, oily hair, dry hair, sensitive skin, for dermatitis, among many others. Using the right products guarantees the perfect balance of the PH of the skin and therefore the suffering of problems such as annoying crusty scalp is significantly reduced.

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