The disco look is a retro look from the 70s. It is a very striking look that is characterized by shiny, bright colours and great accessories such as bracelets or hoop earrings.

With a sequin strapless mini dress, we will be perfect for any evening celebration. You can wear a model with a strapless neckline or opt for a dress with sleeves or straps without being too ornate.

The trend in current fashion is sequins and even more for the holidays. It gives us disco and festive air. If the sequin “total look” doesn’t convince you, choose a sequin mini skirt with a dark solid top to highlight your body. In the same way, if you are wearing a sequin top, reduce its strength by a lace short, solid colour or plain. You will be very elegant and in the latest fashion.

We will wear the hair loose to show off our hair and if we have curly hair we will take advantage of it to give it enough volume.

You can finish off the look with high-heeled sandals or boots. If the dress is very showy, the accessories must be more discreet. Choose a plain clutch bag or a chain bag with matching shoes.

Choosing a small handbag will be perfect for going to the club as it is very comfortable as it does not take up much space.

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Disco looks with sequins to shine

If your strong point is the legs and to hide arms, opt for sequin minidresses with long sleeves. Perfect for winter! And as an alternative to the dress, you can also opt for other garments with paillettes such as jumpsuits or skirts, shorts, sequin top or blazer and shiny blazers.

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