Dangerous Fashion Items to Avoid. Did you know? Some fashion items can be harmful to our health. Although they look interesting, you have to reduce the use. Here are some dangerous fashion items:

1. Dangerous Fashion Items to Avoid: High heels

Too often wear high heels can lead to cracked heels, sprains, and even spinal disorders. Occasionally try to wear flat shoes, boots, or sneakers for a different look and more comfortable foothold.

2. Dangerous Fashion Items to Avoid: Skinny Levi

Use skinny Levi can lead to “tight pants syndrome” with symptoms of back pain, contamination in women and extraordinary conditions called Lipoatrophia Semicircularis, where even wound appears around the thighs.

3. Dangerous Fashion Items to Avoid: Spanx

Wearing tight clothes for too long for your body shape can make a pinched nerve and receiving oxygen decreases. At the holidays, let your body rest by wearing loose and comfortable clothing.

4. Dangerous Fashion Items to Avoid: Tight ties and shirts

67% of men’s mistake at work is wearing a shirt with a too-small size of the neck and ties that are too tight can reduce the flow into his mind and lessening go of movement in the neck and extend the muscle tension in the back and bears. Also, the tie which is rarely cleaned can contaminate germs.

5. Dangerous Fashion Items to Avoid: Flip slump

Use sandals without pedestal can cause leg fatigue, sore calf muscles and less comfortable step that can make a lifetime of the lower leg and in the hip disorder. It is according to researchers at Auburn University who recorded 39 volunteers. Alternatively, use sandals with a comfortable foothold.

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6. Dangerous Fashion Items to Avoid: Accessories holding the nickel

Be aware of these dangerous fashion items. Accessories of nickel such as rings, buttons, belt buckles, watch backs and Levi bolts can make a red rash disturbing. Particularly, in individuals who have an unfavourable vulnerability nickel. This condition can occur suddenly, in adolescents or adults. Instead of nickel accessories, try wearing accessories of gold, silver, or precious stones. Although more expensive, they are safer and certainly more beautiful.

7. Dangerous Fashion Items to Avoid: Totes Weight

The American Chiropractic Association suggests that women convey no more than 10% of their form weight in a sack. And this is can cause problems in the back, shoulders, and arms. Therefore avoid carrying too much weight on your hands, shoulders, and back. Avoid wearing those fashion items too often. There are many alternatives that more convenient and safer to look nice. Looks good does not mean to harm the health, right?