The Croco texture has come from many decades ago, through the generations, and has become a classic in looks. As the name says, the Croco texture reproduces crocodile leather, which is a trend that is appearing a lot in bags and shoes. For or against, this texture is on the rise now in winter and promises to conquer the most elegant looks in this new season. There are several possible options for combinations, from the most classic to the most fashionistas and for you to make no mistake when it comes to producing, we will give you some infallible tips for combining with this texture, check it out!

Croco: Classic, chic and timeless!

As we said before, the texture has invaded the shoes and one of the models of women‘s shoes that has seen this texture the most are the boots. The Croco leather boots bring inspiration from the 70s recalling the retro style of the time, looking beautiful in combinations with earthy tones. For those women who are more classic, but love to bet on a fashionista touch in the look, it is worth investing in ankle boots with the thinnest heel and combines with pants in earthy tones and shirt, a look that can be used even in a work environment.

Beyond the Basics!

We know that monochromatic looks are here to stay and in winter it couldn’t be different. Whole black productions gain a touch of boldness when mixed with boots in black Croco, as we add a texture to the composition.

This season, this texture will be seen far beyond the boots. These details also appear on the women’s sneaker  - where this texture has plenty of room to shine! There is an infallible combination to use differentiated sneakers, like the one with Croco texture. This combination is the classic jeans + t-shirt - which, by the way, is a good base for any shoe. The sneaker will give more color and life to the jeans, leaving the look charming and with a touch of modernity and daring.

Still, in this same comfortable footprint, mules and sneakers gain that extra charm with the Croco texture in more vibrant colors. For a comfortable home office, invest in a single piece: a jumpsuit and cap with a colorful moccasin style mule and that’s it!

Now if you are more classic and prefer not to dare in production with boots in this texture, there are other options like the pumps or the darling peep toe. This texture not only adds a refined air to the productions, but it is also modern! We bet you already imagined several combinations with the clothes you have in the closet, right ?!

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