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Creating A Signature Fashion Style



Creating A Signature Fashion Style – Do you feel like always catching up with the latest trends without owning a really unique identity? Though having a signature style is not a must, it is your best chance to stand out of the crowd. There are many approaches to make a unique style. Of course, you should like it before flaunting to everyone else. A unique style is effective to help shine out your personality. Looking different is easy, but embracing a memorable look is another story. You can wear a unique outfit and people will forget it by tomorrow.

Signature fashion style for women

So, how can we make a memorable style? Shove it down people’s throats. Wear it everyday, be consistent, it is the only effective way to make people remember your unique look for a long time. Let’s start with eyeglasses. Many agree that someone wearing glasses looks sort of smart even though he or she is not all that in reality. It is easy to fool someone when we’re wearing an outfit in a convincing way. People fetishize glasses and it is nothing new. You can put them on a tree trunk and it will still look hella hot.

Signature fashion style
Signature fashion style 8
Signature fashion style 7

Signature fashion style for men

You can also do the same to your face. A nerd can pull off a sexy look by wearing glasses that can bring out that charm. Eyeglasses can make you look handsome, vulnerable, outgoing, or funny. Eyeglasses are not the only eyewear that can create that impression. You can put anything on your eyes and let people interpret it the way they like. You must have been very familiar with the words “beauty with a purpose”. In relation to these words, you should have a clear vision when sporting a particular ensemble. Even if your goal is kind of odd for many, just keep going and prove that you can also pull off something people always doubted.

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Signature fashion style 2014

If you feel comfortable with skinny jeans paired with a sweater or a blazer with shorts, keep going. Do not listen to criticisms if they are not constructive. Blazers, trousers, and others can make strange combinations at times, but your confidence is all that matters. You can also create a trademark with watches. You may think that someone wearing a watch looks mature and stylish. In fact, many people think the same. Timepieces can also boost our looks. Wear a watch that reflects who’s inside you. If you love diamonds, wear one full of diamonds. If you like it simple, wear a simple one. Some brands are notoriously expensive. If you can show off one to your friends, they will change their perspective of you.

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