Short Jeans. The summer came and with it, we prefer to use lighter parts and one of these pieces is the short jeans. Perfectly adaptable in all seasons, denim shorts are an indispensable item in women’s wardrobes! So, if you love your denim shorts and the versatility it offers, check out our look tips that you can put together with it.

Classic and Timeless Combination

In the struggle to survive this heat, you have an indispensable ally: short jeans. One of the most beloved models is the traditional one, the one that is not short, but neither is long as a pair of shorts. It is the middle ground that fits perfectly with the female body. For a more stripped-down style, destroyed denim shorts are the ideal choice. To create beautiful productions, you can invest in overlays, transparencies, and even a mix of prints to make your look even more like summer! In these warmer times, bet without fear on looks with tank tops. Another possibility is the body and shoulder to shoulder, also known as gypsies, which are super hot. Check out these inspirations that we separated for you:

Too much, right? The short jeans are an easily adaptable item in various looks and even seasons!

Adapt the denim shorts to the cold

The short jeans need not be restricted to use during the summer. Invest in overlays, a thicker pantyhose, or a heavier coat will do the trick, making it possible for you to dispense with this item during the winter.

A valuable tip when wearing short jeans in winter: When wearing the piece in a high waistband with the blouse inside, it can create the illusion that the torso is smaller and disproportionate to the rest of the body. 
However, this tip does not apply to everyone, it only serves as a warning when using this piece in this way. Ah, another tip for shorter women who want to stretch the silhouette: wear denim shorts in a darker wash, and when using with pantyhose, also choose the same color as the shorts, and then it will automatically look taller! Did you see how it is possible to include short jeans on several occasions? Apart from that, it is possible to combine it with several types of footwear, including boots as we showed above!

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Fashion Curiosity: The History of Short to the present day!

The short was created there by the fifteenth century, in France. In the past, he was used only by men and used as underwear. Due to its freedom of movement during use, the piece was automatically inserted into sporting looks and was called shorts pants or in Portuguese, short pants. Only after a long period was the piece inserted into women’s fashion in street style fashion and being adapted over the years to other styles. Nice, right? Now that you know almost everything about shorts, you can guarantee your favorite model on our website, and be sure to take advantage of our exclusive discounts!