Cowboy Haircut for Gorgeous Look for MenCowboy haircut is mostly associated with classic look like you usually see in old movies. Yet, you should know that this sleek look has become a hit again nowadays. That is why you can find that most men would love to wear the vintage haircut to enhance their looks.

Cowboy is one of the favorite cuts that most men would like to have. For those who think that men are not into fashion and do not care about the latest trends, they will be surprised knowing that there are many men that have the latest haircut that can make them trendy. Men’s hairdo is also something that keeps changing like fashion. In this latest trend, slicked back hair can also be related closely with vintage look in cowboy style.

Cowboy Haircut: The Style

As you may have known, there are many men celebrities who use this latest hairstyle. There are Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Zac Efron, George Clooney, Alec Baldwin, Leonardo DiCaprio, and many more. Cowboy haircut is actually easy. You just have to cut your hair short.

After that, you should slick it back. You can also use the hair gel to get the sleek look and to keep the hair slicked back. You should comb your hair from front side where the hairline starts to the back of your head. This can give you the neat and tidy look. And even though the wind may blow your hair, with the hair gel, you can be sure that the hair will stay there perfectly.

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Cowboy Haircut: The Vintage Look

You should also know that this cut is actually the vintage look. This haircut is the popular one during last century. This style can give you more masculine look and fresh style. If you do not want it to look too vintage, you can also enhance your modern look with the latest outfits. Keep in mind that most designers this year have asked their models to have their hair cut in this style while they are walking in the runway with the latest fashion.

That is why this kind of style has become popular. Keep in mind that this haircut can be applied for those who have straight and curly hair. For those who have curly hair, you can use hair blow dry to apply this style. Another thing that you should know is this can give you the formal look as well, so that you can use this cowboy haircut for any formal event, like wedding reception or gala dinner.